The Ultra Bond Challenge

13 May 2014

Hello lovelies, bank holiday weekend i took part in a beauty blogger challenge in association with Amazing PR and Nouveaux Lashes, who provided each blogger taking part with a set of their lashes and their new Ultra Bond Strip lash adhesive. The challenge was called the Ultra Bond Challenge, and the name of the game was to keep your lashes on for the entire bank holiday weekend. 

The Rules-
The rules were pretty simple, you had to apply your new lashes on the friday using the Ultra Bond adhesive, then take a selfie which you upload to your social media, you then have to keep your lashes on for the entire weekend and before taking them off sunday night you take another selfie and upload that to your social media.

My Selfies.....

Day One
Day Two
Day Three

Day One-
On the friday evening and the first day of the challenge i applied my makeup, i then started to apply my new Nouveau Lashes. The lashes luckily were a nice subtle style which i was very happy about as i don't usually like to massive eyelashes, they have a nice wispy natural style to them. I took the Ultra Bond strip adhesive and applied it along the lash, then using tweezers i gently placed the lash above my lashline holding until secure, i used the tweezers to press gently along the lashline to make sure the lashes were firmly in place. Once applied the lashes felt very secure and off out i went to a friends salon opening to give them their first outing.

Day Two-
Saturday morning, i was very happy when i woke up to see my lashes were still firmly in place. I knew sleeping in them would be the real challenge for me as i tend to sleep face down in the pillow which has caused the temporary lashes i've had done in the past to go very wonkey, not a good look i tell you.
I had to work Saturday afternoon and i don't tend to wear a lot makeup wise so i was feeling cornered as to how my lashes would go down, i needn't of worried as nobody seemed to notice i think this proves how natural the lashes look.
After work it was time to get ready for my night out so that meant my second makeup removal with the lashes on before reapplying, and off out i went to give my lashes their second night out.

Day Three-
Sunday, massively hungover i woke up and to my delight saw that not only had i remembered to take my makeup off in my drunken stupor but that my lashes were still on, result!
I kept my lashes on till the Sunday night before i went to bed and they were sill going strong, challenge complete!

My Thoughts-
I didn't no what to expect before trying the Ultra Bond lash adhesive, i usually only wear lashes on nights out and although they usually stay on with the normal glue provided they tend to come unstuck and stick up unattractively at the corners, there would be no chance of keeping them on for three days!
I was so impressed that the lashes stayed on, they felt secure the whole time so i was able to relax and forget about them being on with no fear they were going to just drop off. The fact that they survived three showers and four makeup removals is amazing, i think this could be perfect for times you want your lashes to stay on for more than a night but not as long as proper eyelash extensions, if your were going away to a festival or on holiday and wanted to look glam without the effort of reapplying lashes then Ultra Bond really is the perfect solution.

Big thanks to Amazing PR and Nouveau Lashes for giving me the opportunity to be involved. 

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  1. Oh wow this is awesome, I need to get my hands on these. I would forego makeup aslong as my eyebrows and lashes are on point.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog


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