Garnier Oil Beauty Nourishing Scrub

29 May 2014

Hello lovelies, i want to share with you a skin-care product I'm loving lately Garnier's new Oil Beauty Scrub.
Being a fake tanner its important that to get the best possible results from your tan you need to do a certain amount of body upkeep, and if I'm being entirely honest I'm pretty poor at bothering with it. I know its recommended to exfoliate and moisturize the skin properly to get the best results but i just tended to forget and then just slap my tan on anyway. I could kind of get away with my less than perfect tan and uneven results when i used a lighter fake tan and it wasn't so noticeable but since switching to a dark fake tan i haven't been able to ignore the dodgy ankles and the weird patches on the inside of my elbow that just wouldn't pick up the tan so would stay white, really attractive i can tell you!
I decided it was time to stop being so lazy with my body care and actually do some of the recommended upkeep, so that meant buying myself a body scrub to actually scrub away the old fake tan and exfoliate so it didn't just build up resulting in a dodgy looking tan.
I picked up the Garnier Oil Beauty Scrub as id been using the Garnier Ultimate Beauty oil and loving it, it feels lovely on the skin and has the most amazing scent so i hoped i would be as equally impressed with the scrub.
The Oil Beauty Scrub is an oil-infused scrub that not only aims to exfoliate the skin but Nourish and Illuminate it. It contains Argan, Macadamia, Almond and Rose oil the same as the Beauty Oil so it has that same amazing smell that lingers on the skin way after use.
Its a thick oil scrub with fine exfoliating particles, i have quite sensitive skin on my legs from shaving so harsh scrubs can be painful and irritate the skin, i have no problem with this scrub its very gentle yet still does an amazing job of exfoliating the skin.
After using my skin feels incredibly soft and nourished with a healthy glow, its as if i've applied a moisturizing product and not a body scrub at all.
This is without a doubt the best scrub i've used, and its sorted out my fake tan issues not more build up of tan or strange patches for me now, Hallelujah!

Have you tried any of the Garnier Oil Beauty range?

Soap&Glory Make Yourself Youthful, Rejuvenating Eye Cream

26 May 2014

I don't no if it was my mild (massive) panic at turning twenty five back in march that started it, but i started thinking about aging and and taking care of my skin and felt it was time i started to take better care of my eye area. I wouldn't say i have any real concerns in that area, just the normal puffy eyes in the mornings and slight dark circles, but i decided i should start using an eye cream anyway, as don't they say prevention is better than cure?
I am a big fan of Soap & Glory skin-care so i picked up their newest eye cream to try out. Make Yourself Youthful Rejuvenating eye cream, which claims to fight dark circles and under eye puff, smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, tone, firm and instantly tighten, and also brighten and illuminate seemed exactly what i was looking for.
The cream comes packaged in a small silver plastic pot, not the most exciting packaging but quiet sleek looking. It costs £14 which for only 6M of product does seem quite expensive, however the cream itself is very thick in consistency meaning you do only need a small amount each time, i literally lightly dab my finger in once and that is easily enough for both eyes so i can see it lasting for quite a while.
It has a slight fresh fragrance but nothing overwhelming which i like as sometimes heavily fragrance skin-care puts me off. Considering how thick the cream is it applies incredibly lightly to the skin and absorbs well without leaving a greasy residue.
When applied it instantly cools the skin and makes the skin look illuminated, it really is great for waking up tired eyes and making them feel refreshed.
So far i am really enjoying using Make Yourself Youthful Rejuvenating eye cream i love the refreshing feeling when applied and it has definitely helped with dark circles, and although currently wrinkles are not really a concern for me i hope that using it will help to prevent them from forming.
I would definitely recommend you try it out for yourselves, yes i expect there are lots of cheaper alternatives but it does exactly what it claims and you really don't need to use a lot so that £14 will go a long way.

Has anyone else tried a Soap&Glory eye cream? What did you think?

Colorful Spring/Summer makeup look

21 May 2014

Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Primer,
Estee Lauder Double Wear in Desert Beige,
Urban Decay de-slick Setting Spray,
Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream,
Topshop Matte Bronzer in Sandcastle,
Bourjois Little Pot Blush in Rose de Jasper,
Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle

Sleek i-Divine Del Mar Palette,
Collection Extreme 24Hour Felt Tip Liner in Black,
Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter,
Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara in Black,
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel,
Benefit Gimme Brow in Light/Medium

L'oreal L'Etraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks in Tangerine Sonate 

So a few weeks back i reviewed the newest addition to my palette collection, the Sleek Del Mar palette, (review) its the most amazing collection of Summer perfect shades and it has inspired me to try a few new looks.
There are so many different colour combos i want to try but to start with i wanted to create a really summery holiday bright look.
To create the eye look i applied the orange shade Sunset Strip all over my eye lid, i then took the dark purple Ambience and worked that into the crease to create some dimension to the eyes. I used the bright purple Paradise under the bottom lash-line, and after applying some false lashes mascara and some black liner to the top lash-line, i finished the eyes by using the lighter blue Poolside above the black liner for an extra pop of colour.
I've never worn orange on my eyes before but i love how it looks, and its actually a lot easier to wear than you would think, it also really made my green eyes pop, to brighten the look even more i used orange on my lips too and i love how the finished look turned out, its bright but still very wearable.

I hope you liked this makeup look, I'm definitely going to do another one using the Del Mar palette soon.

L'oreal L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick

19 May 2014

L -Fuschia Drama/Tangerine Sonate/Rose Melody-R

The L'oreal L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks (what a mouthful!) are a new fusion product combining "the colour intensity of a lipstick, magnifying shine of a gloss with the softness of a balm"  They have been out for a few months now, and are exclusive to Boots. On my last little beauty splurge i picked up three of the shades to test out as it was 3 for 2 at the time, boy was it a hard decision they come in 9 beautiful shades with a mixture of vivid brights and pretty nudes. I decided to try a couple of bright shades Fuschia Drama and Tangerine Sonate and a nude Rose Melody.

Fuschia Drama- is the most amazing Fuschia colour, its a blue toned pink that does look very bold when you swatch it. On the lips it's in-fact a very flattering shade, not too subtle and not too bright just perfect, i do love them all but i think it is my favorite of the three.

Tangerine Dream- is a vivid orange, not one for the feint hearted this shade is a very orange orange no hint of red to be seen. Orange lips are so hot right now so this is bang on trend in the beauty world, i love the colour its not as bold as a matte lipstick would be the glossy finish tones it down slightly.

Rose Melody- is a pink nude, there is a few nudes in the collection i decided on this one as i like a pink tone in my nudes and this one is just so pretty. This looks so natural a great everyday your lips but better colour.

Good pigmentation, Glossy finish, High shine, Non sticky, Moisturizing, Nice sleek packaging, Gorgeous shades, Fruity smell.

Not very long lasting, Darker shades slightly more difficult to apply.

I am very in love with the L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks, for me the pros far outweigh the cons, no they don't last very long most glossy finish lip products don't, but they look so good i cant say i care.
I think their is a great selection of shades, I'm obsessed with the three i have and I'm desperate to try more there is a gorgeous pinky/coral in the range that will be mine.
I love how they feel on the lips soft and nourishing like a balm. With their fruity scent, light glossy finish and vivid colours they really are the perfect summer lip product.

Have you tried the L'oreal L'Exraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks? What did you think?

First Blog Birthday!

16 May 2014

Let me start of by saying today is not technically my blogs first birthday... it was actually on Wednesday, 14/05/13 last year was the day i wrote my first post on zoegeorgina. I cant believe i forgot, i knew it was coming up i just didn't think it was so soon to be honest it really doesn't feel like i've been blogging for a year, the time has literally flown by.
When i look back at the post i can see how far i've come and how much i have improved since then, not just in my blog posts themselves but as a person. Blogging has helped give me a lot more confidence and given me something to be passionate about and dedicated too. I have also found new friends and such amazing support throughout the blogging community.
Without going on to much basically what i want to say is a massive thank you to everyone who follows and reads my blog, it really does feel amazing to know that people enjoy reading my posts. I also want to say thank you to everyone who takes the time to comment on a post on send me a tweet i read every one and they really make my day. I know that i haven't been able to blog as much as id like to lately, or reply to comments, but working full time and all of life's other commitments has made that difficult but thank you for sticking with me, i love blogging and its definitely something i don't see myself giving up on anytime soon. So here's to another year, i look forward to seeing what i can achieve next!

Beauty Wishlist // 2

15 May 2014

Beauty Wishlist

I cant believe this is only the second beauty wishlist i've posted on my blog, believe me its not because i haven't had a list of new beauty products i want, my list is never ending!
This is my current list of products I'm lusting after at the moment, i expect there is more i've forgotten but these are ones i would like to treat myself to soon as Imo dying to try them.

1- Mac Powder Blush £18
Im desperate to try a Mac blush, after trying and loving their lipsticks and Mineralized Skinfinish I'm eager to branch out and try more. I've heard good things about their blushers and i think well dressed, a light pretty pink blush would be a good place to start.

2- Lime Crime Lipstick Babette £12.50
Who wouldn't have a Lime Crime lipstick on their wishlist? For a start how amazing is the packaging, its has unicorns on!! Now if that isn't enough to make you want something the gorgeous array of multicolored pastel shades sure will. Babette is a peachy nude shade thats just so pretty i need it in my collection.

3- Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Treatment £23.95
I love hair oils, its down to them i credit my hair finally growing past that in-between length.
I've tried a fair few but the next on my list is the Macadamia oil, i've heard countless rave reviews on it and I'm dying to try it out for myself.

4- Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette £50
The Ambient Lighting Palette may be on the pricey side but considering they retail at £38 individually the palette is good value for money. I've seen so many bloggers and You Tubers use and love it, it looks like it gives such a pretty finish to the skin, i really want to test it out for myself.

5- Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Promade in Blonde £15
Im really interested to see what this is like, I'm starting to get into my brows more now and want to try something new. I've read so many good reviews I'm sure I'm going to love it too.

6- Glam Glow SuperMud Clearing Treatment £34.00
I have been wanting to try this ever since Shaaanxo reviewed it, the pictures of what looked like all the grime being sucked out of her pores was fascinating. With my oily skin clogged pores can be problem for me so I'm interested to see if this is as good as it looks.

7- Mac Lipstick in Morange £15
Yes I'm lusting after another Mac lipstick! I cant ever see myself being content with having enough there is always going to be a new shade that i need in my life. Top of my list right now is Morrange, orange lips are a massive Spring/Summer beauty trend and Morange is just the perfect orange when pay day comes it will be mine!

I hope you enjoyed reading about what  beauty products are on my wishlist, have you tried any of them? What's on your wishlist?

The Ultra Bond Challenge

13 May 2014

Hello lovelies, bank holiday weekend i took part in a beauty blogger challenge in association with Amazing PR and Nouveaux Lashes, who provided each blogger taking part with a set of their lashes and their new Ultra Bond Strip lash adhesive. The challenge was called the Ultra Bond Challenge, and the name of the game was to keep your lashes on for the entire bank holiday weekend. 

The Rules-
The rules were pretty simple, you had to apply your new lashes on the friday using the Ultra Bond adhesive, then take a selfie which you upload to your social media, you then have to keep your lashes on for the entire weekend and before taking them off sunday night you take another selfie and upload that to your social media.

My Selfies.....

Day One
Day Two
Day Three

Day One-
On the friday evening and the first day of the challenge i applied my makeup, i then started to apply my new Nouveau Lashes. The lashes luckily were a nice subtle style which i was very happy about as i don't usually like to massive eyelashes, they have a nice wispy natural style to them. I took the Ultra Bond strip adhesive and applied it along the lash, then using tweezers i gently placed the lash above my lashline holding until secure, i used the tweezers to press gently along the lashline to make sure the lashes were firmly in place. Once applied the lashes felt very secure and off out i went to a friends salon opening to give them their first outing.

Day Two-
Saturday morning, i was very happy when i woke up to see my lashes were still firmly in place. I knew sleeping in them would be the real challenge for me as i tend to sleep face down in the pillow which has caused the temporary lashes i've had done in the past to go very wonkey, not a good look i tell you.
I had to work Saturday afternoon and i don't tend to wear a lot makeup wise so i was feeling cornered as to how my lashes would go down, i needn't of worried as nobody seemed to notice i think this proves how natural the lashes look.
After work it was time to get ready for my night out so that meant my second makeup removal with the lashes on before reapplying, and off out i went to give my lashes their second night out.

Day Three-
Sunday, massively hungover i woke up and to my delight saw that not only had i remembered to take my makeup off in my drunken stupor but that my lashes were still on, result!
I kept my lashes on till the Sunday night before i went to bed and they were sill going strong, challenge complete!

My Thoughts-
I didn't no what to expect before trying the Ultra Bond lash adhesive, i usually only wear lashes on nights out and although they usually stay on with the normal glue provided they tend to come unstuck and stick up unattractively at the corners, there would be no chance of keeping them on for three days!
I was so impressed that the lashes stayed on, they felt secure the whole time so i was able to relax and forget about them being on with no fear they were going to just drop off. The fact that they survived three showers and four makeup removals is amazing, i think this could be perfect for times you want your lashes to stay on for more than a night but not as long as proper eyelash extensions, if your were going away to a festival or on holiday and wanted to look glam without the effort of reapplying lashes then Ultra Bond really is the perfect solution.

Big thanks to Amazing PR and Nouveau Lashes for giving me the opportunity to be involved. 

Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot

11 May 2014


I had been using my all faithful Rimmel Stay Matte powder for what seemed like forever, its a good price and does the trick so i had just repurchased it over a and over again. I decided i fancied trying something new as much as i love the Stay Matte powder itself i find the packaging a bit of a pain, the lids forever coming off in my handbag and ideally i wanted something with a mirror for touch ups on the go. 
I had heard a lot of good things about the Soap & Glory makeup but never tried any of it for myself. I am a big fan of their skin and body-care products so i decided to try out my first bit of makeup and picked up their One Heck Of A Blot powder to try. 
One Heck Of A Blot is Soap & Glory's Translucent Mattifying face powder that claims to "offer world class shine control and oil-absorption, is ultra light and gives skin a traceless smooth and velvety finish"
One thing that i really like about this powder is the packaging, like all Soap & Glory products it has the quirky name and the unique design. I also love the chunky and sturdy feel of the compact i feel like the powder is well protected, there is nothing worse that when your powder cracks dues to flimsy packaging. There is also a mirror inside and a small puff, i personally don't use the puff and i prefer a small kabuki brush but its still helpful to have. 
On to the powder itself, i was instantly impressed after first using it with how smooth it felt on my skin. Its not chalky in the slightest, i find it blends in well to the skin without leaving a trace. 
I am also impressed with the colour, or shall i say lack of, some so called translucent powders leave a white colour to the skin which is not a good look, i find this powder actually is translucent and doesn't leave a colour even after a few touch ups throughout the day. 
As for shine control it does a good job at both setting my makeup and also touching up to get rid of shine. I find it quite hard to tell exactly how long it keeps the shine away for but definitely a good few hours which is about the norm for me with most powders. 
Overall i think this is a really good powder, yes at £12 it is more that double the price of Rimmel Stay Matte but it's a lovely product with significantly better packaging, sorry Stay Matte i have a new favorite. 

Have you tried and Soap & Glory makeup? What did you think?

OOTD/ The Summer Dress

08 May 2014

Dress- River Island (Link)
Sandals- Topshop (Link)
Sunglasses- Jeepers Peepers* (Link)
Necklace- Primark
Bracelets- Primark
Rings- Primark

Boy do i love me a Summer dress! I love how easy it is to throw on a dress when the wethers nice and there you go, instant outfit. Each new Spring/Summer season i like to update my wardrobe with a few new Summer dresses that i no i will wear to death. The instant i spotted this beauty of a dress in River Island i knew it was coming home with me. I love the bold primary colours, the yellow, blue, red and white flowers together remind me of pop art in a weird way and i think its just such an interesting print.
With Summer dresses i like to keep it simple and let the gorgeous dress do the talking, just a pair of summery white sandals, a few mismatched bracelets and my Mr T chain ha... And of course no summer dress is complete without a pair of sunnies! These are the Audrey glasses from Jeepers Peepers, i love how simple they are with a very feminine and sophisticated style, my new favorites.

Sleek i-Divine Del Mar Palette Review

06 May 2014

Lounge Lovers/Poolside/Sunset Strip/Ambience/Chilled Out/Blue Marlin
Opening Party/On The Rocks/Talamanca/Feel Euphoric/Balaric Beat/Paradise

You no that feeling when you get a new piece of makeup that you love so much, your just so excited to talk about or if your also a blogger blog about, because you adore everything about it? Well thats how i feel about this palette!
The new Sleek i-Divine palette is a limited edition collection of new colours with an Ibiza theme. Everything from the packaging down to the individual eyeshadow names has an Ibiza vibe.
The palette consists of twelve of the most perfect pastels, corals and aqua shades that just scream Spring/Summer. At first glance the colours may seem a bit bold and scary but in fact their quite subtle extremely wearable shades. You don't have to wear purple, orange and green all together if thats a bit much for you the great thing is you can mix them with some of the neutral shades for a more toned down look.
In fact on the back of the box there's a few helpful tips included with ideas of ways to wear the colours if they seem a bit daunting and you don't no what to mix with what which i think is a great idea especially if you a makeup beginner.
The shadows are a mixture of matt, metallic and pearl finnish, and i personally love having a bit of variety in a palette.
Lounge Lovers is the only metallic finish, its a gorgeous neutral shade that goes amazingly with all the colours.
Opening Party, On The Rocks, Feel Euphoric and Paradise all have a pearl like sheen to them which is so pretty and gives a bit of dimension.
All of the rest of the colours, Talamanca, Poolside, Sunset Strip, Ambience, Chilled Out, Blue Marlin and Balearic Beat are matt shades, i think its great to have a matt white in a palette and also the matt brown shade Talemanca is a great shade for the crease to add definition.
I don't really think i could pick a favorite colour from the palette there all so unique and amazingly all go so well together, with this palette the colour combinations and different looks you can create are just endless.
This little beauty really is my top pick for Spring/Summer eyes, i no I'll be getting a lot of use out of it and it will definitely be coming with me on my upcoming holiday!

Which colour is your favorite?

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher in Rose de Jasper

01 May 2014

Im going to be completely honest and start this post out by saying i have not been a big fan of the Bourjois Little Pot Blushers in the past! I no you must be feeling a bit confused as to why i would have picked up a new one then so let me explain...
I no the Bourjois blushers are famous and much loved so when i tried my first one i really wanted to love it, unfortunately i did not. I found the beautiful colour that enticed me in the first place just didn't show up, all i was left with was very shimmery cheeks not the look i was going for. More recently i have tried a couple of the Bourjois cream blushers and been really impressed, they were lovely colours that blend well with an interesting cream to powder finish that i find lasts really well. 
Anyway, when i picked up the new Bourjois CC Cream and Concealer a few months back Superdrug had an offer that if you spent £15 or more you got a free Little Pot of Blusher or Eyeshadow. I was going to go for an eyeshadow when i thought perhaps the powder blushers deserved another chance, i spotted Rose de Jasper one of the newer shades and decided to give it a go. 
If you are unfamiliar with the Bourjois products, the blushers come in little round pots with a mirror in the lid and a little brush. I am a fan of the packaging its small and easy to slip into your makeup bag, the mirror is a handy extra too. I personally don't use the brush its too small and i prefer to use my Real Techniques brush but it is helpful to have. 
On to the colour, Rose de Jasper is a dusky rose shade, very english rose. Considering its quite a dark pink i actually find it looks very natural on the skin. Luckily i made a good choice and it is a lot more pigmented than the blusher i tried before, it gives a good flush of colour to the cheeks. 
It does have a shimmery finish, but its very subtle and just looks like a healthy natural sheen to the skin. 
I really do love this shade, and i am happy to report that I'm glad i gave the Bourjois Little Pot Blushers another shot. 

Have you tried a Bourjois Little Pot blusher? What did you think?

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