New Years Eve Beauty Prep

31 December 2013


Hey lovelies, i don't know about you but when it comes to New Years Eve i find there's a certain amount of beauty preparation i need to do to get myself feeling glam and ready for the nights antics. New Years is the biggest night of the year, its about saying goodbye to the past year and hello to the next and i want to be feeling and looking my best!
So i thought i would do a post telling you what i do to give myself a good pamper and get myself party ready.

Body prep-
Avery important part of my preparation routine is getting my body ready, now by this i mean hair free, smooth and ready for tanning. To get my skin ready for fake tan i like to keep it moisturized and smooth to get a better result so i use a body oil to moisturize, particularly on my legs which get very dry due to shaving. I'll also use a body scrub to get my skin fresh and get rid of any remaining fake tan. 

The Tan-
I personally feel at my best when i've got a bit of colour to my skin, so if I'm preping for a night out especially one as big as New Years i always fake tan. I usually do my fake tan the night before, i occasionally do it just before going out, but i find that to be potentially hazardous with the rainy winter weather... streaky fake tan running down your leg is not a good look! I will be applying my Cocoa Brown tan the night before and washing it off in morning.

I like to do a face mask to get my face feeling its best and to give a good base for makeup, i will usually do one the night before, i will be using my Ren Invisible Pores Detox Mask to de-clog and might also use the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal mask to get my skin as fresh and smooth as possible.

A bit of eyebrow taming is essential before a night out, your eyebrows really do frame your face and i like mine neat and tidy for a night out.

I like to use a deep conditioning mask on my hair before a night out, i just feel like it needs a bit of a treat to be soft shiny and looking it's best, i have a quite a few deep hair masks but my current favorite and one i'll be using, is the John Frieda Hydrate and Rescue Deep Conditioning Mask.

Last but not least no party prep is complete without making sure your finger and toe nails are newly painted. I will be making sure i remove all existing polish and giving my hands and feet a fresh coat, and as its New Years eve it got to be something with glitter!

When i'm all prepped and ready, its time to put on my makeup, do my hair, put on my New Years outfit and i'm feeling good and ready for the night festivities!
I hope you all have a great New years Eve, and i will see you with my next post in the new year!

I hope you liked hearing about my preparation routine, what do you to to get yourself ready for a big night out like NYE?


Boxing Day OOTN

29 December 2013

Top- Topshop
Skirt- Topshop
Shoes- Topshop (Old)

Hello lovelies, Christmas day for me is all about family and spending time with them, however i always go out Boxing day night with my friends. I love how festive it is and everyones in good spirits, so this is just a quick OOTD to show you what i wore out. 
I have noticed a bit of blue theme with my Christmas outfits...i didn't plan it but it seems to have been my colour of choice! The top i wore was a Christmas present i love the thin dainty straps, the skirt i bought last month (still available online) it has a mixture of gold, silver and bronze worked into the zigzag pattern and i just thought it was a great piece to mix and match with for festive party outfits. 

I did my makeup the same as in my Christmas party/NYE makeup look collab post so if you want to see how i did it the link is here!


Christmas Day OOTD

27 December 2013

Dress- Missguided
Shoes- Primark
Necklace- Primark

Hey lovelies, i hope you all had a great Christmas and got everything you wanted. I love Christmas and still feel like an excited child when i wake up in the morning, we all get up and open our presents together and then get ready and head over to my Nan's for Christmas dinner. I don't know about you but i like to make a bit of an effort on Christmas day and like to pick a nice outfit and do my hair and makeup, the velvet dress i wore is from missguided, i thought the gorgeous dark jewel tone would be perfect for my Christmas outfit dressed up with a nice statement necklace and some leopard print slipper shoes. 
Now i cant do a completely honest outfit of the day without showing what i spent a lot of the day wearing on top of my outfit.......

How amazing is my unicorn onesie?! It was a Christmas present and i am in love with it, i probably would have worn it all day but i wasn't allowed to wear it at the dinner table...

I hope you liked my Christmas day outfits, what do you like to wear Christmas day do you dress up or is it a comfy Pj day for you?


December Birchbox

23 December 2013


Hello lovely people, can you believe its only two days until Christmas? Madness where has the time gone? I am going to try my best to still blog over Christmas and New Year even though my schedule is pretty jam packed, thats dedication for you!
Anyway i thought i would do a review on the December Birchbox. I have been subscribed to Birchbox for three months now, i switched over from Glossybox as i was getting a bit fed up with them after months of mediocre boxes.
I found it quiet strange to start with getting healthy living bits and bobs in the box, however i was really impressed with getting two Laura Mercier products in my first two boxes, and was really excited to see what they would have in the Christmas box, this is what mine contained...

Number 4 Non-Aerosol Hairspray-
If I'm being honest i picked this up and thought what on earth is that?! The packaging is not the nicest, it looks a bit clinical and is really not something i would even pick up in a shop it just wouldn't stand out to me...however after trying it i am quiet impressed, i never really use a lot of hairspray and if i do its an aerosol, this does hold my hair nicely and smells lovely, proof you shouldn't judge a book by its cover! 

Nail Rock Nail Velvet-
This was what i was most excited about getting from the whole box, i love trying new things with my nails and this velvet manicure looks good and i cant wait to try it. 

I had heard a lot about these bands, i think there a great idea, as someone who has quiet long hair i have it up a lot to keep it out of the way, but i get breakage from my hair bands which is not what i want so I'm looking forward to seeing if this makes any difference. 

Sin-care Party Girl Serum-
A detoxifying serum to brighten and reduce signs of skin fatigue due to indulging in late nights and alcohol! Wow, i welcome this little beaut in my life with open arms this sounds like it could come in very useful over the next few weeks.

Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow-
I have never heard of this makeup brand before, the shimmer is a really pretty light mineral powder that can be built up depending on the look you want, love me a bit of sparkle so I'm sure i'll make use of this. 

Lamilou Smooth Exfoliating Liquid-
This is a skin exfoliator that claims to take off dead skin and leave your skin smooth and soft, i tested this out and was a bit confused to be honest i know its called a smooth exfoliating liquid and it really is completely smooth, no grainy bits at all which i find strange, how does it exfoliate then? Hummm 

So thats everything form the December box, i like how its designed for the party season with skin-care, beauty and hair-care to get you party ready. I was happy with my box but still slightly underwhelmed, i think after having Laura Mercier in the last two boxes i thought wow there December box is sure to be amazing and i just don't think it was, to be fair i think I'm probably just getting a bit tired of monthly beauty boxes now and it may be time for me to give up on them completely in the new year!

Does anyone else subscribe to Birchbox? What did you think of the December Box?


Christmas Party/NYE Makeup Look, Collab with KristieBlogsBeauty!

20 December 2013

Estee Lauder Matte Perfecting Primer
Estee Lauder Double Wear (Desert Beige)
Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer (Light-Medium)
Rimmel Stay Matt Powder (Translucent)
Topshop Bronzer (Sandcastle)
Sleek Face Form Palette

Benefit Stay Don't Stray
Urban Decay Eyeshadow (Zodiac)
Naked 2 palette (Blackout)
MUA Eyeshadow (30Pearl)
Bourjois Khol & Contour Pencil
Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Liner (Black)
Maybelline Rocket Volume Express Mascara (Black)
Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil (002)
Red Cherry Eyelashes (DW)

Model co Lipgloss (Strip Tease)


Hey Lovelies, this is a collaboration post set up by Kristie over at KristieBlogsBeauty, the idea is to do a post based on a Christmas Party/NYE look this could be makeup, hair, nails etc. I've never done a collaboration post before but i thought this sounded like a great idea.
I decided to do a makeup look for my post, something glam and stand out for the party season. The look is all about the eyes making them the focus and keeping the rest of the makeup simple.
I used a matte primer and my Double Wear foundation set with a matt powder for the base as when i'm doing my makeup for a night out or party i want it to be as long wearing as possible to last the night. I also used an eye primer to prevent the eye makeup fading or creasing.
The main eyeshadow i based this look around is Zodiac from Urban Decay, its the most gorgeous green shadow with green, black and a slight bit of purple glitter in, it just has party written all over it! I applied it over the entire lid, blending Blackout from the Naked 2 palette into the outer v, and used  MUA's pearl a really pretty gold along the bottom lashline and the inner corners and blended. As this is quite a bold eye look i used a black Khol liner in the waterline and black liquid liner long the upper lashline, a couple of coats of a volumising mascara, and not forgetting falsie's a must have for a dramatic party eye!  
The rest of the makeup is simple, bronzer, blush and highlighter from my Sleek palette and a nude gloss to finish the look.

I hope you like my Christmas Party/NYE makeup look, Kristies post will be up tomorrow so be sure to go and check that out (Here) she will also have links in her post to the other bloggers taking part in the collab.


Naked 3 Palette// Review & Swatches

18 December 2013

Hey lovelies, i have an exciting post to share with you today, a review of my favorite new addition to my makeup collection the Naked 3 Palette!
Ever since i heard the Naked 3 Palette was being released i new i would have to get my hands on it, and so i pre-ordered mine from and it was delivered on Saturday, which i was very excited about as i wasn't expecting it until the 21st.
I am a big lover of Urban Decay eyeshadows and i have used my Naked 2 palette to death i have even hit pan on quite a few of the colours.
Some people may think what's the point in getting another palette of neutral eye colours when you already have one how different can it be?
Whereas the Naked 2 is a palette of mostly cool taupe shades, Naked 3 has twelve all new, more warmed toned rose shades and they are just beautiful.
Out of the twelve shades there are a mixture of matt, satin and glitter shades ranging from light to dark colours.
The three matt shades Strange, Limit and Nooner and all smooth and well pigmented, Strange is great for the brow bone and Limit and Nooner are both great crease shades. I was really impressed with how pigmented a lot of the eyeshadows are particularly some of the satin finish shades Liar, Mugshot and Darkside. Blackheart is a very interesting black shadow with red glitter and I'm looking forward to trying a few new eye looks with this. I was slightly disappointed with Dust its a very pretty rose shimmer, however i find it slightly chalky compared to the rest and i need to apply a lot to make it noticeable.
Also included with the Palette are four different samples of Urban Decays eye primers including the Original, Eden, Sin and an Anti-aging primer.
I think Urban Decay have done a great job with this palette, i am completely in love with mine, i think there is a great selection of colours and finishes and i am loving playing around with new eye looks.

Has anyone else got there hands on the Naked 3 Palette? What do you think of it? 


Christmas Nail Tutorial

14 December 2013

Hey lovelies, I'm finally getting into the festive spirit of things and so i thought i would do a christmas nail tutorial! I wanted to go for something fun and so i picked a few of my favorite christmas characters, i've done something different on each nail but i've shown the steps for each separate nail design so you can do five of the same/different or mix and match your favorites!

The Kit-
This is what i used for the nails designs,
Nail pens- Models Own nail art pens in, Black, White and silver.
Nail Dotter,
Topcoat- Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Topcoat.
Nail Colours- BarryM Matt White, Rimmel Black Out, Essie Not just a pretty face, BarryM Blueberry, Rimmel Sunshine, Nails Inc Jermyn Street, Nails Inc Bennett Street, BarryM Vanilla, BarryM Mango. 

Snowflake Nail
Step 1- Pant two coats of the blue polish and let it dry.
Step 2- Using the striper part of the white nail art pen (could also use a small makeup brush dipped in polish) draw a cross at the tip off the nail.
Step 3- Draw a line through the cross to make the six sided snowflake shape.
Step 4- Draw two small dashes coming off the end of the six lines.
Step 5- Using the nail dotter in white polish, dot on some snow across the rest of the nail.
Step 6- using the silver nail art pen make small dots in the remaining spaces.

Penguin Nail
Step 1- Paint on two coats of the black polish, allow to dry.
Step 2- Take the white polish and paint from the middle to the tip of the nail white, leaving the sides black, let it dry and go over again.
Step 3- Using a nail dotter dipped in white polish make two large dots for the eyes, let it dry.
Step 4- Using the smaller end of the nail dotter dipped in black polish dot on the center of the eyes.
Step 5- Using the nail dotter dipped in yellow polish dot on three dots in a small triangle and fill in the middle to make the beak. 

Rudolph Nail
Step 1- Paint on two coats of the brown polish, allow it to dry.
Step 2- Using a nail dotter dipped in red polish dot on a large circle for the nose.
Step 3- Using the nail dotter dipped in white polish make two large dots for the eyes, let them dry.
Step 4- Using the smaller end of the nail dotter dipped in black polish dot on the center of the eyes. 
Step 5- Using a nail dotter dipped in a lighter brown polish dot and drag two lines for the antlers with two smaller lines coming off them. 


Snowman Nail
Step 1- Paint two coats of the white polish, allow to dry.
Step 2- Using the large end of the nail dotter dipped in black polish dot on the eyes.
Step 3- Using the nail dotter dipped in orange polish dot on three small dots in a long thin triangle shape for the nose and fill in.
Step 4- Using the small end of the nail dotter dipped in black polish dot on the stones for the mouth in a semi circle shape. 

Father Christmas Nail
Step 1- Paint on one coat of white polish as a base to make the skin colour stand out, allow to dry.
Step 2- Paint on 1-2 coats off your pink polish, let it dry.
Step 3- Paint a stripe of red polish along the base of the nail.
Step 4- Paint from the middle of the nail down to the tip white, with two slightly longer bits at the side for his beard.
Step 5- Using the nail dotter dipped in white polish dot on a line of dots along the top of the red stripe to make the trim of his hat, and make a larger dot on one side for the bobble. 
Step 6-Using the larger end of the nail dotter dipped in white polish dot on the eyes, let them dry.
Step 7-Using the smaller end of the nail dotter dipped in black polish make two dots on the center of his eyes.
Step 8- Using the nail dotter dipped in pink polish dot on his nose

To finish apply a topcoat to seal in all together and your done!

I hope you like my festive Christmas nails, which one is your favorite?

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

12 December 2013


Hello lovelies, today i am finally reviewing the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation i treated myself to on holiday. This foundation has been raved about by just a bout every blogger and vlogger going, i don't think i've heard a bad review about it. 
I had been umming and ahhing about trying it for ages before i actually took the plunge and bought it. I wasn't sure if it would be long lasting enough for my oily skin and give me enough coverage. 
The Vitalumiere Aqua is a water based, light foundation and is described by Chanel as being "Ultra light, instant natural radiance, skin perfecting makeup" sounds good right?
Now i was going to tell you what i thought in a pros and cons list, however i really don't have any cons so let me just stuck in and tell you what i love about this foundation.
I was matched to the shade BR40 which does look a bit dark for me in the picture as my holiday tan has now long gone, however when i have fake tanned this is a great match for me and looks very natural. 
You have to shake the foundation before using, its so light yet i was happy to find the coverage is a lot better than i was expecting. I would say light-medium coverage, that you can build up in areas that need it. The finish of this foundation is just amazing, i've heard the saying like your skin but better being used to describe foundations before but it really does apply here. It has that second skin feeling it really doesn't feel like you have anything more than a tinted moisturizer on yet you get that extra coverage. 
It makes my skin look luminous and healthy, and although i was worried about it suiting my oily skin, i wouldn't say it lasts all day but most foundations don't on me, it does lasts well thought. After buying it on holiday it was all i wore and it survived in the heat, i just make sure i apply some powder to set it. 
It has an SPF of 15 and a UVB sun filter to protect the skin and it even smells amazing a nice fresh scent like high end skin care. 
I really cannot praise this foundation enough, the one downside for me is the price at £32 its not the cheapest foundation to have fallen in love with, but in-spite of that i can see this foundation being repurchased time and time again, I'm just not going to waste it with everyday day wear, i tend to save it for best! 

Has anyone else tried the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua? What did you think?


My Christmas Wishlist

10 December 2013

Hey Lovelies i've created my Christmas Wishlist, with a few things i would personally love to receive for Christmas. I thought it would be nice to share with you some things I'm lusting after and also it could give you some gift ideas for friends/ family or yourself if you feel like you need a treat...

Babyliss Curl Secret £120-
If your pretty rubbish with hair like i am then you will need one of these in your life! 
This amazing hair tool does all the hard work for you and I'm desperate to get my hands on one. They are pretty pricey thought at about £120 but i think for perfectly curled hair this would be worth the price tag. 

Real Techniques Sam's Picks Brush Set £29.99-
This set contains five of the top Real Techniques brushes all put together in one handy little collection, you get the  Multi Task Brush, Setting Brush, Buffing Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Essential Crease Brush, Fine Liner Brush. Its £29.99 which i don't think is too expensive considering the individual prices of each brush, i want it!

Nails inc Message in a Manicure £45.00-
This little beaut is an exclusive Christmas set for Selfridges. 
You get eighteen mini nail polishes, colored polishes, leather effect polish, foil effect polish, red galaxy effect polish, fibre optic effect polish, glitter polishes, a base and top coat and monogram letter transfers all inside the cute letter box how amazing! 

Pandora Pave Heart Ring £50.00-
This ring is just too pretty for words, i'm obsessed with anything that has hearts on so this is right up my street so girly, oh how it belongs on my finger...

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy £34.00-
I love this perfume i got a sample of it in a Glossybox and every since i first smelt it i knew it would be on my Christmas list. 

Topshop Rebel Mirror 2 Part Sandals £48.00-
How cool are these shoes! I love everything Holographic and i love this style of shoe, these will go with everything perfect party shoes!

Game of Thrones series 1&2 Boxset £26.00-
I know this may seem a bit random as everything else is girly fashion or beauty related but i do love a good boxset, something to keep me occupied in boring January. I was a bit late to the party with Game of Thrones and have only seen series one so far but i was hooked from the start and am desperate to watch the second and third series.

So Santa if your reading this i've been a very good girls this year, pretty please...


OOTD/ Burgundy Hearts

08 December 2013

Skirt- New Look
Shirt- New Look
Shoes- Primark
Necklace- Republic
Rings- Topshop
Earrings- Republic

Hey lovelies, i hope you all having a lovely weekend so far, i have to work today booo, however i did get to enjoy a day off yesterday and this is what i wore.
I bought both the skirt and shirt from New Look recently and i love them together, the shirt is a great dupe for the Burberry heart print shirt for a remarkably cheaper price i think it was about £17.00. I love the colour and I'm a sucker for cute heart prints on clothes or accessories.
I had been wanting a leather look skater for a while but didn't want to spend too much i got this one for £10.00 which i was very happy with, its a definite staple piece for my winter wardrobe now and can be mixed and matched with so may different things. I through on some thick black tights and my burgundy velvet shoes and i was good to go.

I hope you liked my outfit, what did you wear this weekend?


November Favorites!

05 December 2013


Hello lovelies, i cant believe its december already, where has the year gone? Christmas in three weeks time and i haven't bought any presents yet, i am so unorganized!
I haven't done a favorites post in a few months as i found my most used and go to products where pretty much the same as before however this month i have a few new products to show you that i've been loving lately.

Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil-
I bought this oil when i came back from my holiday as i started to peel quiet a bit and wanted to keep my skin moisturized to hang onto my tan for as long as possible. Im not massively into body products, i can be very lazy when it comes to body upkeep and i rarely remember to use a body lotion. This skin oil is great as its so easy to apply just spay it on and rub it in it sinks in quickly and leaves skin with a gorgeous glow to it, it also smells amazing, i love it my must have for keeping skin nourished in the winter.

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 107-
I've been loving wearing this lipstick its a great shade for A/W and a great choice to wear over the party season, i think its such a flattering colour and has a great finish. 

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation-
I've been a massive fan of Double Wear for a good few years now, its without a doubt the best foundation i've found for keeping the shine at bay. I stopped using this for a few months mainly because i was using lighter foundations in the warmer weather and my skin was clearer so i didn't need as much coverage, however lately my skins been playing up a bit and i've needed that extra coverage this foundation really does cover a multitude of sins and for that reason it deserves a mention!

Garnier Pure Active Roll On-
As i just mentioned my skin hasn't been playing fair lately and i've suffered with a few more breakouts than normal, i've been applying this little gem onto spots a night and it really does help, i also apply it after the spot has gone to reduce the marks they leave.

Ren Invisible Pores Detox Mask-
I received this mask in my BBB Beauty Box (Post here) its a clay mask which is great for my skin-type. It really makes my pores feel unclogged and my skin fresh and clean, i love it and will definitely be purchasing it in full size.

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub-
This is a must have product for the lips in the cold winter months, this sugar scrub helps keep lips soft, and smells and tastes like sweets, amazing!

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat-
I've reviewed this moisturizer a few months ago (Review here) i still love it so much i have repurchased, its just great at keeping my skin shine free for longer and well moisturized.

Sleek Face Form Palette-
 I love the contour, highlight and blush from this palette they have become part of my everyday routine now, i would recommend this palette to everyone.

So those are the beauty products i've been loving over the last month, what products are you loving right now?


FOTD// Daytime Bold Plum Lip

03 December 2013

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat
Benefit Porefessional
Chanel Vitaluminere Aqua (Beige Rose Desert)
Seventeen Phwoar Paint (Medium)
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (Translucent)
Topshop Matte Bronzer (Sandcastle)
Sleek Face From Palette (Light)

Sleek Brow Kit (Light)
Soap and Glory Lid Stuff (What's Nude)
Topshop Full on Lashes Mascara
Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter

MUA Lip Liner (Brooding Plum)
Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick (Dark Night Waterl-Oops)


Hey Lovelies, i've been a lot braver and more experimental with my makeup lately, usually i would have saved the bold lips for nigh time looks, however i've found myself really being drawn to darker more vampy shades and have been wearing a bold lip for normal everyday makeup. 
This face of the day is the makeup i wore yesterday and i really liked how it turned out, i got a few compliments too which is always nice so i thought i share it with you as i want to do start doing more makeup posts. 
I worked the makeup around my favorite lipstick of the moment my dark plum Rimmel moisture Renew lipstick (Review). As its such a dark and vibrant glossy colour and i was doing a daytime look i didn't want too much going on with the eyes so i kept them simple using just two matte shadows from the Soap and Glory quad. 
I applied the lightest cream shade Vanilla all over the lid up to the brow bone and just applied the darkest brown shade Mudhoney into the crease and under the bottom lashes for a bit of definition, i skipped eyeliner and just applied a couple of coats of mascara. 

I hope you liked my face of the day post, how would you wear a bold plum lipstick?


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