Galaxy Nails Tutorial!

21 September 2013

Hello there lovely's, i've got a new nail tutorial for you today! Luckily it went well this time as the last one i did went so terribly i didn't bother putting it up, i will attempt it again when i have a day when i have a lot of time and a LOT of patience! I've seen a few people with galaxy nails and i think it looks so good i decided i had to try it for myself, i am a lover of galaxy print as you will no if you saw my OOTN galaxy dress post. So if you fancy trying it for yourself keep reading...

What i used-
Base colour- Rimmel 800 Black Out,
White- BarryM Matt White,
Colours- Rimmel 809 Blue me Away, 180 Purple Pulse, 025 Strawberry Fizz.
Glitter- Rimmel 500 Disco Ball,
Top Coat- Essie Matt About You.
Models Own nail Art pen in white (can also use a cocktail stick or nail dotter)
Makeup sponge (sorry always forget to put something in the pic)

Step One- 
Paint two coats of the black polish, to get an even dark base. 

Step Two-
Take the sponge and dip it in the white nail polish and start to dab it onto the nails, you don't want to cover the entire nail just do a sort of strip, do it in different directions on different nails.

Step Three-
Take a dark colour like a navy blue and sponge that onto the nail either side of the white strip, it really doesn't have to be neat. 

Step Four-
Take a slightly lighter colour like a purple, and sponge that on in patches around the other colours.

Step Five- 
Sponge on some more white over the top and then sponge on a brighter colour like a pink or lilac.

Step Six-
The finishing touches, apply some glitter polish onto the black spaces on the nails. To make the stars use your nail art pen and draw little crosses on a few of the nails and make a few dots over the nails. 
And to finish add a topcoat to seal it all together, i used a matt topcoat as it gives a really interesting finish. 

This really is easy to do you don't have to be neat and precise to get a good result. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, have a go for yourself!



  1. Love this, I really want to try galaxy nails out x

    1. Thanks hun :) should deff have a go. xx

  2. What a fab design, I love it!

  3. This is too cool! How amazing Zoe! X

  4. These are amazing, I would mess them up big time if I attempted to do them x

    1. Thanks :) ah im sure you wouldnt! xx

  5. Great tutorial, I did galaxy nails a few months ago and they turned out really really good, every time I've tried it since though it just hasn't worked the same so hopefully if I follow this it'll help :)

    Lisa x

    1. Thank you, glad i can help :) xx

  6. I really need to try this sometime, they look really cute :)

  7. I love galaxy nails! I messed mine up when I tried them, but your steps look so much easier to try :) xx

    D Is For...

    1. I love them too, hope these steps work out for you :) xx

  8. I am going to have to try this later!

  9. Yay :) glad you like it. xx

  10. I'm not huge into nail art but I've always loved galaxy nails! Yours turned out amazing, and definitely inspired me to try them out as well!

    sundays grace


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