Sleek i-Divine Del Mar Palette Review

06 May 2014

Lounge Lovers/Poolside/Sunset Strip/Ambience/Chilled Out/Blue Marlin
Opening Party/On The Rocks/Talamanca/Feel Euphoric/Balaric Beat/Paradise

You no that feeling when you get a new piece of makeup that you love so much, your just so excited to talk about or if your also a blogger blog about, because you adore everything about it? Well thats how i feel about this palette!
The new Sleek i-Divine palette is a limited edition collection of new colours with an Ibiza theme. Everything from the packaging down to the individual eyeshadow names has an Ibiza vibe.
The palette consists of twelve of the most perfect pastels, corals and aqua shades that just scream Spring/Summer. At first glance the colours may seem a bit bold and scary but in fact their quite subtle extremely wearable shades. You don't have to wear purple, orange and green all together if thats a bit much for you the great thing is you can mix them with some of the neutral shades for a more toned down look.
In fact on the back of the box there's a few helpful tips included with ideas of ways to wear the colours if they seem a bit daunting and you don't no what to mix with what which i think is a great idea especially if you a makeup beginner.
The shadows are a mixture of matt, metallic and pearl finnish, and i personally love having a bit of variety in a palette.
Lounge Lovers is the only metallic finish, its a gorgeous neutral shade that goes amazingly with all the colours.
Opening Party, On The Rocks, Feel Euphoric and Paradise all have a pearl like sheen to them which is so pretty and gives a bit of dimension.
All of the rest of the colours, Talamanca, Poolside, Sunset Strip, Ambience, Chilled Out, Blue Marlin and Balearic Beat are matt shades, i think its great to have a matt white in a palette and also the matt brown shade Talemanca is a great shade for the crease to add definition.
I don't really think i could pick a favorite colour from the palette there all so unique and amazingly all go so well together, with this palette the colour combinations and different looks you can create are just endless.
This little beauty really is my top pick for Spring/Summer eyes, i no I'll be getting a lot of use out of it and it will definitely be coming with me on my upcoming holiday!

Which colour is your favorite?

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  1. I absolutely love the colours in this, I've started experimenting with brighter colours so this would be really handy to have! Great review x



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