John Frieda Full Repair Hydrate and Rescue Review!

31 October 2013

Hello Lovelies, i've got a review for you today of some new hair-care i've been loving lately.
John Frieda have recently brought out new editions to the Full Repair range, the Hydrate+Rescue range which claims to
 "Reverse damage with every use, and replenish moisture without weighing it down. The Hydrating formula, with Inca Inchi Oil rich in Omega-3, rescues hair from the look and feel of damage as it nourishes strands with lightweight moisture to restore softness and shine" 
My hair does tend to get quite dry particularly at the ends, years of abuse from hair dyes and heated appliances have done it no good, i am always on the lookout for products to help treat dry hair, and make my hair look as healthy as possible.
I have been using the Hydrate+Rescue Shampoo* and Hydrate+Rescue Conditioner* for the last couple of weeks and i am really impressed with them. The first thing i noticed when using these for the first time is how thick and moisturizing they feel when applied to the hair, they also have a lovely scent that really lasts keeping it smelling fresh. Even though my hair is dry at the ends my roots can sill get quite greasy so i find i have to be careful when using products aimed at dry/damaged hair, that they are not too heavy and rich. With these products my hair feels amazingly soft and light, i haven't noticed it feeling greasy at all. My hair has looked lighter with a healthy shine, the ends of my hair are smooth and split ends are not as visible. I really am loving using these they have made a big difference to my hair and i would repurchase.
The new Full Repair Hydrate+Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner are priced at £5.89 each. For hair care and styling tips visit the John Frieda YouTube channel .

Has anyone else tried any products from the new Full Repair range? What did you think?

*PR sample

My Top Autumn Nail Polishes!

29 October 2013

Left- Rimmel Black Cherries, BarryM Dusky Mauve, Rimmel Urban Purple, No7 Totally Teal, Nails Inc Jermyn street, Rimmel Princess Pink, Nails Inc Victoria- Right

Hello lovelies, today i thought i would do a post to show you my favorite Autumn nail polishes.
To me when i think of Autumn colours i think of deep reds and purples, burgundy, gorgeous teals and other rich shades, mixed up with a few nudes. Thats not to say when Autumn hits i suddenly discard the bright neon's and pastels i wear throughout the summer months, i just find these are the colours i find myself reaching for.

Rimmel 193 Black Cherries-
This is just my perfect Autumn purple, its a deep rich shade with a very subtle shimmer when it catches the light.

BarryM 313 Dusky Mauve-
This is a really interesting colour it looks different colours in different lights. Sometimes grey, sometimes mauve, with a subtle purple shimmer.

Rimmel 402 Urban Purple-
I love this colour, its a gorgeous raspberry colour, the formulation of this polish is also great, it covers really well giving a great shinny finish.

No7 115 Totally Teal-
This really is the ultimate Autumn shade, every year teal seems to be everywhere come Autumn time. This is a lovely shade and it also a great formula.

Nails Inc 041 Jermyn street-
This is my favorite nude polish, i always get compliments when i wear it. Its great because its not too dark or too light and it goes with whatever outfit of makeup your wearing.

Rimmel 200 Princess Pink-
This is a really pale pink, its not too pink that it would clash with red clothing its very neutral and just a very pretty natural colour.

Nails Inc 388 Victoria-
When it comes to Autumn i love the really dark vampy reds and this one definitely fits the bill,  its such a lovely deep wine red colour, with a great glossy finish.

So thats my top Autumn nail polishes, what are your top nail polishes for Autumn?


Halloween Nail Tutorial!

27 October 2013

Hello lovelies, its Halloween next week and so i wanted to do a Halloween theamed tutorial for you. I had a bit of a play around and came up with this fun design, i've done something different on each nail so if you wanted to have a go you could do a different design on each nail the same as me or you could mix it up a bit and do all of one design or mix and match your favorites. 

What I Used-
Glitter nail- Rimmel Black Out, BarryM Black Multi-Glitter,
Frankenstein- BarryM Key Lime,
Pumpkin-  BarryM Mango,
Mummy- BarryM Vanilla,
Spider web- Bourjois Purple fiction,
Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black and White,
Nail Dotters. 

Step One-
Paint two coats of polish on each nail, black on the pinkie, green on the ring, orange on the middle beige on the index and purple on the thumb nail, and allow to dry. 

Step Two-
To make the frankenstein nail, 
Take the black nail art pen and draw a zigzag line at the base of the nail to make his hairline and fill in the space.
Take a nail dotter dipped in white polish to make two circles for his eyes.
Draw a straight black horizontal line for his mouth with the nail pen and draw vertical dashes coming off the line.
When the white is dry use a smaller nail dotter to dot black into the center of the eyes.

Step Three-
To make the pumpkin nail,
Using the black nail pen draw two triangles in the center of the nail for eyes.
To draw the mouth draw a horizontal zigzag line and then go over the same line to make it thicker.

Step Four-
To make the mummy nail,
Using the striper brush part of the nail pen draw a series of horizontal lines across the nail.
Towards the top of the nail use a nail dotter dipped in white polish to make the eyes.
Fill in the the area around the outside of the eyes with the black nail pen.
When the white is dry, dip a smaller nail dotter in black polish to finish off the eyes.
Draw on a few diagonal lines in-between the lines to finish off the bandages.

Step Five-
To make the spider web,
Using the striper brush in the white nail pen draw three diagonal lines spanning out from the corner of the nail.
Link the three lines together to make the outline of the web.
Fill in the rest of the web. 

Step Six-
Add two coats of black glitter to the pinkie nail, when all nails are completely dry apply a topcoat to finish. 

I hope you like my halloween tutorial,


My Holiday Wardrobe!

24 October 2013

Hello lovelies, i have recently been on my first girls holiday, yay! We went to Gran Canaria and stayed in Puerto Rico, it was such a lovely place the weather was amazing and i had the best time. 
I decided to take pictures of the outfits i wore in the evenings to put together a holiday wardrobe post for you. 

Top- New Look 
Skirt- H&M
Sandals- New Look

Playsuit- Topshop
Sandals- River Island
Necklace- Primark

Dress- Primark
Necklace- Primark
Bangles- Primark

Top- Topshop
Skirt- Republic
Sandals- River Island
Bangles- Primark
Earrings Topshop

Playsuit- Missguided
Sandals- New Look
Necklace- (Holiday Purchase)
Bangles- Primark

Top- Topshop
Skirt- Topshop
Sandals- River Island
Bangles- Primark

Dress- New Look
Sandals- New Look
Necklace- Primark
Bangles- Primark

I hope you enjoyed seeing what i wore on holiday, thanks for reading


Holiday Makeup Purchases!

22 October 2013

Hey lovelies, i have recently been on a girls holiday to Gran Canaria, and so of course whilst there we indulged in a spot of shopping, it is a duty free island so i took full advantage of that and treated myself to a few cheeky high end makeup purchases! They were so much cheaper than here in the UK and i wanted to spend a bit of money on something other than just cocktails, and bring something home with me other than a hangover....

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua-
I'd had my eye on this foundation for ages, i have been close to buying it so many times but was unsure how the light formula would suit my skin and at £32 a bottle in the UK its an expensive purchase, however on holiday as it was a lot cheaper i finally took the plunge and bought it. I was matched to the shade Beige Rose- Desert which was a great match. 

Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes-
I've never bought anything from Lancome before but there mascara's seem well loved so i thought this would be a great place to start. I went for the Doll Eyes mascara as it claims to give you volumized and extended lashes for a doll-eyed effect which sounded good to me. 

Dior 5 Colours Mystic Metallics, Bonne Etoile-
This was not something i'd seen before it was a impulsive splurge as i saw it and fell in love with it. The palette is from Diors Mystic Metallics Autumn collection and it is a bit of a luxury purchase for me but i really liked the colours and thought why not treat myself i'm on holiday! 

So thats all my naughty holiday makeup purchases, i am going to do full reviews on all the products for anyone interested. Does anyone else like to treat themselves abroad or at the airport? Let me no what you like to buy. 

Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayons!

20 October 2013

Hello lovelies, i purchased a couple of the Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayons last month, as you may have already seen in my latest beauty haul so i thought i would review them for you. Although Lip Crayons have been around for a while now, the Bourjois ones are actually the first i have tried. I think Bourjois have been outdoing themselves lately with all there new products, there lip crayons have been well loved in the blogging world, so i just hoped they would live up to the hype for me... and i am happy to say they did not disappoint!

Orange Punch
Peach on the Beach
What they Claim-
10 hour wear,
SPF 15,
Bare lips sensation,
Comfort & Hydration,
Glossy finish.

I bought the shades 03 Orange Punch, an orangey/coral and 04 Peach on the Beach a pinky/peach shade. I love both the colours, there not too bright or overpowering yet give nice colour to the lips. Peach on the beach is my favorite of the two, i have worn it non stop since i bought it.
I love the formula of these lip crayons, there so light and glossy giving the lips a gorgeous finish. They feel really moisturizing, like a lip balm but with great colour.
I am not sure about them lasting 10 hours, i wore mine a lot on a recent holiday abroad and although they did last well on my lips with me being in and out of the pool and i definitely had to re-apply. I also think it's great they contain SPF as its important to protect your lips as well as your skin from sun damage.
I really cannot big them up enough, i can completely see why everyones been going crazy over lip crayons now. Bourjois have just released two new shades to the Colour Boost range for Autumn, 05 Red Island a bold vibrant red and  06 Plum Russian a deep plum shade, i'm hoping to add them both to my collection... along with the other two shades from the original collection because i really need all six in my life!

What do you think of the Bourjois Colour Boost crayons? Have you seen the new shades?


October Glossybox!

17 October 2013

Hello lovelies, i was really excited when i returned home from my holiday to find a Glossybox waiting for me, it was a great surprise to help cheer me up with those post holiday blues. This months box is the Dark Romance edition perfectly fitting for the season, and particularly October with halloween soon on the way.
This is what i received in my box,

Katy Perry Killer Queen Fragrance-
"The striking new fragrance from Katy Perry shows her rebellious spirt, throwing convention to the wind. Killer Queen is a charmingly playful yet lethally gorgeous Floriental fragrance"
I was a bit disappointed to see another perfume sample as there seems to have been one in almost every box lately, however i do really like it. The perfume is a fun floral fragrance and definitely something i would wear so i am happy with it.

MeMeMe Cherub's Blush- Cheek & Lip tint-
"Go from day to night with MeMeMe's sultry rouge tint! Long lasting and multi-functional, it also comes complete with a handy application brush, making it a perfect addition to your handbag for glamourous touch-ups on the go"
When i saw that this was the Dark Romance edition with the picture of the dark vampy lips and nails i was hoping for a nice dark lipstick or nail varnish, and so i was a bit disappointed with this cheek and lip tint. This is a very similar dupe for Benefits Benetint which i have tried but wasn't really fond of i much prefer there pink Poisetint for lips and cheeks. I just wouldn't wear this colour on my cheeks and lip wise i prefer dark bold reds to stains.

Monu Illuminating Primer-
"This primer is paraben free and has been formulated with light reflective Mica particles and soft focus technology to brighten the complexion, add instant sheen and enhance your natural radiance. Other active ingredients include Vitamin E to detoxify the skin and Cassia Alata Leaf Extract to protect and prevent skin against UV damage. Use either alone, under make-up or as a tinted moisturizer for a flawless, illuminating finish"
Monu is a fairly unknown brand to me, I have a hand cream from them that i really like,  i received it in a beauty box, but other than that i had never seen any products from them. I have tested this on my hand and it gives a nice sheen to the skin, however having oily skin i tend to stay clear of illuminating bases and primers to avoid shine overkill, and go for mattifying bases so i'm not sure how much use i will get out of this.

Premae Multi-Vit Smoothie Serum-
"Premae is the worlds first allergen-free brand, meaning that anything they produce is more kind to the skin. This serum is the ultimate skin saviour for combination skin: blended with grapeseed, the unique formula helps to soothe redness and hydrate the skin, whilst keeping it matte and shine free"
I had never heard of Premae before receiving this box, it's definitely not something that would jump out to me if i saw it a shop. I tested the serum out on my hand and it felt fresh and tingly on my skin, and as its targeted at combination skin it shouldn't be oily, so i am actually looking forward to trying it out properly.

Eva Cosmetics Mystic Diamond Argon-oil-
"The innovation for your hairs nutrition and shine! The argan oil works to nourish and regenerate your hair giving it volume and preventing frizz, while the diamond powder gives hair shine like never before"
Again this is a brand i had never heard of previously, i was excited to receive this as i love my hair oils, and was sold when i read it contained diamond powder, what girl doesn't love diamonds... i look forward to tying this but i'm hoping i don't fall in love with it as the full size bottle is £22.70!

I am slightly disappointed with this months box, i had high hopes when i saw it was the Dark Romance edition and think i was just expecting more make-up wise, also there was only one full size product in this months box and most of the products where pretty unknown to me, and although i like trying new things it would have been nice to see a few more familiar brands. I am finding Glossbox's to be a bit hit or miss lately and am thinking about canceling my subscription and trying a new beautybox.
Is anyone else a bit disappointed with Glossybox? What other beauty-box's would you recommend?


What's in my Holiday Makeup Bag!

15 October 2013

Hey lovely's,  I've seen people do these sorts of post before and i always like being nosey and seeing what other people choose to take away with them so i thought i would do one myself. When i was picking the bits of makeup it didn't seem like a lot until i spread it all out on my bed to take a picture, it does look like a stupid amount but i assure you it is all completely necessary, of course i need three different foundations and i 100% need all nine lip products for a seven day holiday i mean a girl needs to have options...

Benefit Professional,
Estee lauder Matte perfecting primer,
Garnier BB cream in (medium),
Estee Lauder Double wear Desert beige)
Vichy Dermablend (Nude),
Maybelline Dream Matt Mousse (Cameo),
Collection Illuminating Touch (Naked 1),
Estee Lauder Double wear Concealer (02 Light Medium)
Rimmel Stay Matt powder (Translucent)

Sleek Face Form Pallete,
Topshop Bronzer (Sandcastle),
Borjois Blush Exclusif,
Bourjois Cream Blush (01),

Sleek Brow Kit (Light),
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil,
Benefit High Brow,
Benefit Cream Shadow (Bikini-Tini),
Mua Intense Colour Eyeliner, Turquoise, Lovely Lilac, Jet Black,
Topshop Full on lashes Mascara,
Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Mascara,
Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid liner.
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette,
Benefit World famous Neutrals Pallete.

Topshop, (Brighton Rock)(Tease)(Whimsical),
Loreal Colour Riche, (Crazy fuchia 370)(Rose Tendre 303),
Rimmel Apocalips (Nova),
Bourjois Colour Boost, (Peach on the beach) (Orange punch),
Piz Buin Sun lipstick SPF 30.

I know that is a lot of makeup, but don't be under the impression that i spend my holidays walking around with inch thick makeup on, during the day i will be makeup free, but as it is a girls holiday we will be getting ourselves dressed up in the evenings in our hot girl disguises before we let ourselves loose on the poor unsuspecting people of Puerto Rico, ha ha.


The Autumn Tag!

12 October 2013

Hello you lovely lot, I had really been wanting to do the Autumn tag. I thought it would be a nice post to do, to get into the Autumn spirit, so i was really glad when my fav bloggy duo,  Claire and Lauren from Stylingo tagged me in. If you don't already follow them go and check there blog out as its one of my favorites!  

Favorite thing about Autumn?
Although i am a massive lover of summer, when autumn comes around i find myself with that happy warm feeling knowing that its time to bring out the toasty clothes and spend more nights in the warm, watching xfactor in your pjs with a cuppa... or a glass (bottle) of wine.  

Favorite drink?
Hot chocolate! I find as soon as the weather starts to get a bit colder i start craving it, i never really fancy it in the summer, not sure why as i still drink tea year round, i just feel its not weather appropriate. 

Favorite scent?
I don't no if this question means scent as in perfume or just a autumn scent in general so I'm going to cover both...  Vera Wang  Pink Princess and err leaves?....

Best lipstick?
Love the berry colored lipsticks for Autumn, my favorite is Kate Moss for Rimmel 107. 

Go to moisturizer?
I cant really pick a go to moisturizer, i change mine so often as i like to keep trying new skincare. When Autumn comes around i do make sure i use lot more and really apply a good amount before bed even though i have oily skin it still needs the extra moisture.  

Go to colours for the eyes?
Definitely deep browns and copper shades to go with berry lips. 

Favorite band/singer to listen to?
I don't know that i really listen to different music at different times of the year (other than christmas) but the band I'm loving now and will be for the remainder of Autumn is the editors, i cant stop listening to there latest album. 

Favorite outfit to wear?
Dresses, with thick tights, boots and layered with comfy jumpers and scarves to keep warm. 

Autumn Treat?
Every Autumn i usually treat myself to a new pair of boots and a nice new coat. 

Favorite place to be?
Its just the best feeling sometimes to be at home in the warm with a nice hot drink and munching away on your favorite comfort foods, when the weather outside is miserable and you don't have to go anywhere. 

I tag-
Lisa and Carrieanne Beautiesunlocked
Harriet Byootee
Allie-May Thefridaygirl

If you decide to do the tag let me no so i can read you answers. I hope you enjoyed reading mine. 


Topshop Fashion Haul!

10 October 2013

Hey lovely's, i had a little trip into Topshop the other week and being the shopaholic that i am i didn't leave empty handed! There is so much i am loving in Topshop right now they have got some great bits for A/W i treated myself to a few new bits so i thought i would show you what i bought. 

Strappy V-Neck Cami- 
I've already got a few of these cami tops, there so simple but great to style with loads of different pieces, i spotted this bright lime colored one, i love the colour and its so striking and will look great paired with black for my A/W wardrobe.   

Fun Leopard Print Tunic Dress-
I was instantly drawn to this dress, i think its an interesting take on leopard print with a great mix of colours. Im not used to wearing loose smock style dresses but i love how it fits and i think it will work well dressed up with heels for a night out or put with tights and boots for daytime.

Floral printed Playsuit-
I am so in love with this playsuit i had to have it when i tried it on as it fits so well, i love the retro style, it fits tight on the arms and waist and flares loosely at the bottom, and the deep red colour is perfect for A/W. 
If you would like to see this playsuit on, i am wearing it in my latest outfit post (here)

Black Padlock Crossbody Bag- 
I had been looking for a new bag, i really like all the satchel style bags but some of them are just way to small to fit all the rubbish i carry around with me. I spotted this bag and its the perfect size, it has zips down the sides to make it bigger, and i like that it has a handle at the top and a long strap giving you different ways to use it. 

So that was my naughty purchases from Topshop, Anyone else loving there stuff right now? What have you bought lately?


Beauty Haul //3

08 October 2013

Hey lovely's, it was payday for me last friday and i happened to wonder into boots where i was forced against my will to part with my hard earned cash... (thats my story anyway). I originally went in there for a new moisturizer and then a few other bits just fell into my basket like they do, and Boots were doing some great deals on skincare and makeup so i though it would be be rude not to take advantage of them.
Heres what i bought!

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat-
I had been looking into trying a new moisturizer for a while now and i had narrowed it down to Effaclar Mat and Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner, both aimed at oily skin to target excess oil and enlarged pores.  I decided to go for the Effaclar Mat in the end as i have heard so many good reviews about it and La Roche-Posay in general, so hopefully i made the right decision.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo-
I hadn't intended on picking this up as well as the Effaclar mat but i had also heard such rave reviews on this and as the skincare was all on offer i thought i would pick this up as well. The Effaclar Duo is a treatment aimed towards oily skin suffering with spots with imperfections and i've been getting a few more lately so i am hoping this will help.

L'oreal Skin Perfection Advanced Correcting Serum-
I had just ran out of my last serum L'oreal Youth Code Luminize, and wanted to try something new this time. The new L'oreal Skin perfection range jumps out at me every time, and not just because it's pink... it claims to tighten pores, and refine and brighten skintone, sounds good to me.

Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon-
Its hard to read a blog or watch a Youtube Video the last few months without hearing about these little beauties! I thought it was about time i tried them for myself so i picked up a couple as they were buy one get one half price, i picked the colours 03 Orange Punch and 04 Peach on the Beach.

So thats all the new beauty products i treated myself to this month, i will post some product reviews when i have had time to use them properly.
Anyone else treat them self to some new products this month? What did you get?


Ombre Nails Tutorial!

05 October 2013

Hello lovely's i've got a nail tutorial to share with you today. The ombre trend has been massive this year in the beauty world ombre nails, lips and even hair. I thought it was about time i had a go at it for myself. I no its Autumn now and i've used quiet summery colours, but as i'm jetting off on holiday on tuesday i wanted my holidays nails to be bright and fun. The great thing about ombre nails is that it will look great whatever colours you use so if you want a more seasonal take on this tutorial you could use red, orange and yellow for a autumnal leaf look. 

What i used-
Base- BarryM, Matt White,
Colours- BarryM, Papaya, Prickly Pear, Dragon,
Top Coat- Nails Inc Kensington Caviar. 
Makeup sponge. 

Step one- 
Using a white base will help make the colours you add on top really stand out, apply two coats for an even base. 

Step Two-
Cut the make up sponge to a smaller square shape to make it easier to use. 
Paint your nail colours onto the sponge in stripes. I chose to use three different colours but you could use two or even four if you wanted. 

Step Three-
Line the sponge up with your first nail and dab it across until the whole nail is covered, re-apply some more nail polish and repeat on each nail. 

Step Four- 
Allow the nails to dry, and then go over all the nails in the same way again with a second coat. 
I only did the two coats of colour but depending on how dark you want it you could do three. 

Step Five-
While your waiting for the second coat to dry, clean up the excess polish from around the nails the best thing for this is a cotton bud dipped in nail varnish remover. To finish apply a topcoat to seal it all together. 

 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! What colours would you use?

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