Polka-dot and Roses Nail Tutorial!

29 August 2013

Hey lovely's, i've got a new nail tutorial to share with you. I no everyones starting to get into the feel of autumn with all the new season trends but i love summer and want to drag it out as long as possible, so i've done a pretty summery nail design. I thought i would try and do some roses and then i decided to mix it up a bit and add some polka-dots as well for a fun cute look. 

What i used-
White base- BarryM, matt white,
Green base- Topshop, Gone fishing (sorry forgot to put in pic)
Pink rose colour- Essie, Maddison ave-hue,
Rose detail- Models own pen in Pastel purple,
Leaves- Models own pen in Pastel green,
Top coat- Nails Inc, Kennington caviar.
Nail dotters (could also use rubber end of a pencil, end of a hair grip or end of a make up brush to make dots)

If you don't own any nail art pens you can get the same effect using a toothpick dipped in nail polish to do some of the rose detail and the leaves.

Step one-
Paint two coats of the white polish on the middle and ring finger, paint the rest with two coats of the green polish.

Step two- 
Using the large sized end of a nail dotter, dot white nail varnish onto the nails with the green base.

Step three-
To make the rose shape use the brush or a nail dotter to make blobs on the nail where you want the flowers they don't have to be neat circles slightly odd shapes will look more realistic.

Step four-
Using the smaller end of a nail dotter (could also use a toothpick) dipped into the white polish make small swirly c shapes inside the roses to look like petals.

Step five-
Using the purple nail art pen do the same thing again, make a few smaller swirly c shapes inside the rose.

Step six-
To draw the leaves on use the green nail art pen to draw a couple of triangles coming out of the roses. 
When the nails are dry add a topcoat and ta da, the look is complete!

The finished look...

I hope you like this tutorial, the roses are really simple to do when you brake it down into steps. I hope it inspires you to have a go for yourself these are just the colours i fancied but it would look great with all sorts of colours, and remember if you don't have a nail dotter or any nail pens, things you can find around the house such as toothpicks and ends of make up brushes will work just as well. 



  1. This was such a lovely post! Looks beautiful <3
    Iyana xx

    1. Thank you :) glad you like it. xx

  2. gorgeous!


    Kerry X

  3. Wow this is amazing! Btw Madison Ave-hue has been one of my fave colours of the summer.
    Adela x


    1. Thank you, it is a lovely colour isnt it. xx

  4. Ah these are seriously beautiful!! I wish I could do nail art without wobbling all over!!great post xx

    1. Thanks hun, you should give them a go i haven't got the steadiest of hands! xx

  5. Oh wow these look so good! I wish I had your patience to do them x



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