Sleep-IN Rollers!

28 August 2013

Hello lovely's, i finally picked myself up a set of Sleep-IN rollers after wanting them for some time. I have heard good things about them and seen numerous pictures off celebrities wearing them so was dying to give them a go. I am just going put this out there right away and say i am COMPLETELY useless when its comes to hair!! I am pretty low maintenance and the thought of just putting in a few rollers before bed and waking up with beautiful bouncy hair is something that massively appeals to me! 

What you get-
2x Packs of velcro rollers,
A drawstring bag to keep them in.
I picked mine up from boots for £19.50, you can get them cheaper online (mine was just a spur of them moment have to have them right now purchase!)

How to use them-
Step 1- For best results use on clean and dry hair.
Step 2- Section off your hair, as if you would with your usual rollers.
Step 3- Roll your hair in the direction of the desired affect, for big bouncy hair roll clockwise, for the flicked effect roll anti-clockwise, always roll the crown off your hair downwards.
Step 4- Secure your rollers with clips.
Step 5- Relax and have a great nights sleep. 

So before using them for the first time i had washed my hair earlier that day and let it dry naturally, i also filled a spray bottle with water so i could give my hair a quick spritz while i was putting them in to help set the hair. I first sectioned off the top and put in a few rollers pinning each roller in place with a hair grip, i rolled the front fringe part forward instead of backwards like the rest, i then put rollers into the side sections, and the back sections. You get twenty rollers but i only managed to fit in 12 (two top, two each side section, three each back section) like i said i am not very good with hair and this was my first try but that was all i could fit in.

Looking sexy rollers in ready for bed!

The result........

My thoughts-
I was concerned with how well i was going to be able to sleep in them as although they are made of foam designed to flatten when you sleep, when i first put my head onto the pillow my first thought was i am never going to sleep in these! I felt a bit like they were pulling at my hair but i was determined to properly test them out and give them a chance, after a LOT of fidgeting and trying to find a comfortable position i did get to sleep. I am a very light sleeper and was expecting to keep waking up but luckily i didn't. I was excited to take them out in the morning to see how well they worked and i wasn't disappointed. I was impressed with how much body and volume they gave my usually very flat lifeless hair, my hair didn't curl a great deal but they did give me lovely bouncy ends. My hair was slightly frizzy i don't no if thats down to the rollers or me fidgeting in my sleep, i also had a funny kink at the front but i expect that could be sorted with a bit more practice of where to put the rollers.
Overall i liked how they made my hair look and i will definitely use them again, i love the fact that they give the look of styled hair without having to use any heat. I think with a bit more practice i will learn how to put them in better so i don't get any kinks, there not the most comfortable thing to sleep in, but they don't have to just be used at night i imagine i will stick them in in the daytime before a night out to give a bit of body to my hair.
Has anyone else tried Sleep-IN Rollers? What did you think?



  1. Sounds like you have very similar hair to mine so I might give these a go :) x

    1. Yeah you defiantly should :) xx

  2. I really want to try these!! I am also very low maintenance when it comes to hair as mine is so thick it's hard to anything with it. But these sound really easy to use and your hair looks fab!!

    1. Thanks :) i no what could be better just put them in and let them do the styling for you! xx

  3. You're lucky they worked for you... When I tried them they literally done nothing other than give one bit of a hair a weird wavy kink in it :( xx

    D Is For...

    1. Ohh no thats a shame :( you could try putting some product in your hair or making it slightly damp first with water. xx


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