Dissapointing Product, Topshop Matt Nails!

22 August 2013

Hello lovely's todays post is a first for me, its the first time i am writing about a product that has disappointed me! As much as i would love my blog to be purely a place for positivity and amazing products, i think if i am disappointed in a product i need to share that with you too. 
I was excited when i picked up Topshops matt nails in Drink Pink, i've been loving the look of matt nails and am usually a big fan of Topshop nail polishes. I painted on two coats of the polish and waited for it to dry, to me it looks nothing like i would expect from a matt polish, as you can see from the picture above it even has a slight shine to it, which in my opinion is not a matt finish. The colour of the polish is a lovely bright raspberry pink but thats the only good thing i have to say about it. Along with the finish being disappointing i found that it was a very thin formula and chipped really easily i removed it after about a day or two. The Polish was £6.00 and i feel a complete waste of money i expected more as i am a massive fan of Topshops makeup. If your looking for a great product for matt nails i  would recommend spending a few pounds more and purchasing Essies matt topcoat which gives a brilliant matt finish to whatever polish you put it on top off. 
I hope this review had been helpful and that you don't mind the negative vibe too much! Has anyone else tried the Topshop matt nails? What did you think?


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