Fake Tan Review, ST. Tropez vs ST. Moriz!

25 August 2013

Hello lovely's, i have been using the same fake tan for years now, my all faithful L'oreal Sublime Bronze tanning gel. I had stuck with it for so long as it's pretty fool proof, doesn't streak and gives a nice colour, however lately like we all do i felt like a change. I decided it was about time i tried the most well known off all fake tans, the award winning ST Tropez, i had been put off from buying it previously due to the price, as a large bottle is about £30.00 which if i didn't like it would be an expensive mistake. I ended up picking a small 50ml bottle to try which you can get for about £10.00. Another fake tan i had heard about and was interested in trying was ST Moriz which is a sort of dupe for ST Tropez but at only £4.99 for a 200ml bottle its £25.00 cheaper!!! So i decided to pick up a bottle to test out and compare the two to see if St Tropez really is the holy grail of fake tan and is worth the expensive price tag, or if this much cheaper dupe can compete and show that cheaper fake tans can work just as well. 

Left ST Tropez    Right ST Moriz
Pro's and Con's-

St Tropez- 
Smells nice, Dries quickly, no shimmer, not sticky, nice natural tan colour, expensive, hard to apply, slightly streaky, colour not instant, colour long lasting, more of a brown toned colour. 

ST Moriz- 
Fake tan smell, instant colour, slight shimmer, a lot easier to apply, darker colour, a lot cheaper, takes longer to dry and feels a bit sticky, colour has a slight red/orange tone to it.  

I really like the colour ST Tropez gives, its very natural looking for a fake tan with no shimmer. I found it hard to apply evenly as the fact that there's no instant colour made it difficult to see where to apply it so i ended up with a slightly streaky tan. I thought the colour was lighter than i was expecting so i would have to use more to get a darker colour, which i don't really want to do as its expensive. I think this is one of the only fake tans that i actually like the smell off so i wouldn't worry about putting this on in the day, it also dries really quickly which i liked, as no one likes to stand around starkers flapping around to get dry....
I found ST Moriz so much easier to apply as it gives you instant colour so i could see the patches i have missed so i got a much better even result. I also was really impressed with the colour it gave, a much darker tan colour with a slight shimmer that i don't mind. It does take longer to dry and is slightly sticky until it does so maybe not the tan for people who want to apply, throw your clothes on and run out the door.
Since testing them both out i have found the one i've found myself using has been the ST Moriz! For me the colour is more what i'm after and i like a tan thats gives you instant colour, also i just think for the price it just cant be beaten. As much as i loved the natural looking tan ST Tropez gives i don't see myself buying the full size, in my opinion it is over hyped and overpriced, ST Moriz on the other hand i shall definitely be repurchasing.
Have you tried these fake tans? What was your favorite?



  1. The st. Moriz I find is better in the lotion formula than the mousse! More mositurizing and not as smelly hehe xxx

    1. Less smelly sounds good lol, il have to check that one out! xx


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