How to, Aztec nails Tutorial!

05 August 2013

Hello lovelies, i wasn't planning on doing a nail post today however i had a bit of free time this afternoon so i grabbed my nail bits and my camera and decided to have a little play with my nails. This is the first time i have attempted an aztec print so it was a bit of an experiment for me, the finished result isn't perfect but i am still pretty happy with the way its turned out, its eyecatching, bright and summery.

What i used-
Base colour- BarryM Gelly nail paint in Greenberry,
Models Own nail art pen in Black,
Models Own nail art pen in White,
Topcoat- Nails Inc caviar topcoat.
Nail dotter.

Step one-
I applied two coats of my base colour Greenberry. 

Step two-
Using the striper in the white nail art pen i drew three lines across each nail, i tried to make them all different sizes, i went over the top line to make it  the widest.

Step three-
Using the striper in the black nail art pen i outlined the widest white line at the top of the nail and drew a line above the top of the bottom white line.

Step four-
Using the pen nib of the black nail art pen, i drew little up and down lines over the widest white line at the top of the nail, to make little triangle shapes. 

Step five-
To finish the design, i used the black and white nail art pens to add dots and dashes to fill in the remaining spaces over the nail, i did black dots inside the triangles, white dots along the bottom black line, with black dashes coming up from that line. I then used a nail dotter to do a line of bigger white dots across the remaining space in the middle. When the design was dry i applied my topcoat. 

I hope you like my aztec nails, definitely give them a go they would look so good in all sorts of different colours and patterns. 



  1. Too cool! & you made it LOOK easy!

  2. Wow great nail art, looks really profesh! Love the green too! great job..Ive followed too!!

    would love you to follow back other @


    1. Thank you, yea the green is lovely, thanks for following! Will deff check yours out. X

  3. I always think Aztec nails look amazing but really hard to do, but you make it sound so easy! Definitely giving this a go :) xx

    D Is For...

  4. Thank you, yea you should deff give it a go :) x

  5. These look amazing. Gonna have to attempt to give this a go. I also nominated you for the Liebster award over at
    Beth x

    1. Thanks lovely :) yea you should deff give them a go let me no if you do would love to see! Ive been nominated a few times now and done my post but thanks tho hun. xx

  6. Wow, these are amazing, so professional!

  7. Even though it looks dead easy with your step-by-step photos the finished looks so hard haha. Looks amazing x

    1. Thanks lovely, i no lol i still look at the finished pic and think wow how did i do that but its so easy step by step :) xx


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