Triumph Magic Wire Bra Review & Nigglefix Campaign

14 November 2014

Last month i was invited to a press event at the Triumph store in Exeter for the showcase of the latest Innovation the Magic Wire bra, and niggle fix campaign. 
The niggle fix campaign is to help women combat some of life's daily niggles they may face in addition to wearing an uncomfortable wire bra. There was a lady doing personal illustrations of peoples niggles for example, snagging your tights or your heels giving you blisters, and there was also the niggle tree where you could write out your own personal life niggle and attach it to the tree. 
Guest speaker Pradnya Apte a local business women, gave a talk introducing the new bra and the campaign, after which we were all offered a personal fitting of the new Magic Wire bra itself for review. 

Triumph Magic Wire bra
Triumph Magic Wire bra
Triumph Magic Wire Contouring Sensation WP *
The innovation behind the Magic Wire bra is Triumph actually getting rid of the wire itself and cleverly replacing it with a strip of silicone where the wire used to be. Along with the silicone, they have added built in mesh stabilisers in the sides of the bra to still provide the same great support and lift as a wire bra whilst of course creating a much more comfortable experience.
The bra is available in various colour combinations, the one i have is from the Contouring Sensation series, and whilst being a very wearable and simple smooth T-shirt bra style it has pretty lace side sections and nude detailing to contrast with the black which i really like.
The instant i first tried the Magic Wire bra on in the initial fitting i was instantly struck by just how comfortable the bra is to wear, its so soft and just doesn't dig in at all like i expect were all used to with most bras. The silicone is completely bendable, you can bend the bra in half both ways its so flexible, compared to the stiff shape of a regular wire bra.
Something that concerned me before trying the bra was the thought of how well it would actually support and give shape without the wire, as being a DD cup i need a bra that going to make my chest feel properly supported. I needn't have worried as the bra does the job perfectly it gives just as much uplift and support as a wire bra but with that amazing added comfort of none.
I really cannot rave about the Magic Wire bra enough, no longer does the discomfort of a wire bra have to be one of your niggles or taking your bra off at the end of the day be the first thing on your mind.

The Magic Wire bra is available on sizes A-F and is priced from £34, 


  1. This sounds amazing. I struggle with wired bras as I get really inflamed and tender ribs and this sounds like the perfect solution
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

  2. This sounds absolutely amazing and I am so glad that it is available in all different sizes too rather than just d upwards as I am a C but still HATE wearing underwire xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs


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