Maybelline Colour Show Brocades!

14 November 2013

Hello lovelies, i would have to say my main makeup weakness is definitely nail polish, i have a ridiculous amount of the stuff, and yet does that stop me buying more to add to my collection? No it does not! I believe the day i ended up purchasing these little beauties i was trying to do my most determined walk past all the makeup in my local Superdrug and head straight to the boring section to pick up deodorant, when i found my eyes wandering. I spotted these gems, instantly fell in love and had to have all four. 
The Maybelline Colour Show Brocades collection is a limited edition range of glittery polishes that come in four shades (in the UK, america have more! ) I am a massive sucker for anything glittery and sparkly, i just think these are perfect for the winter party season. 

220 Knitted Gold-
Knitted Gold is a really pretty pink and gold glittery polish. It has a very fine gold shimmer with larger pink hexagon shaped glitter. 

219 Foil Flash-
Foil Flash is a silver polish with fine silver shimmer and larger hexagon shaped silver glitter.

221- Woven Skyline-
Woven Skyline is a black polish with a mixture of black and gold shimmer, and larger gold hexagon shaped glitter. 

224 Rosy Rosettes-
Rosy Rosettes is a red and gold polish, with fine red and gold shimmer and larger red hexagon glitter.

It takes a good few coats of these polishes to get a full coverage look, they are quite fine with one coat. These can look great alone or used over the top of other polishes for a bolder look.

Maybelline Colour Show Brocades are £2.99 each. Which one is your favorite?



  1. Replies
    1. Yeah definitely especially the red! x

  2. I love the black one - thats a fab shade for Winter!!! I haven't used any of this range before - think I'll have to give them a go!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

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    1. Lovely isn't it i love that it has gold sparkle in as well! x

  3. I also have this same problem! Nail polish is my weakness! And superdrug strategically place their make up as soon as you go in so there's no way I can buy boring toiletries without browsing for new ranges.
    I love Maybelline's color show range and resisted this limited edition for about a week
    I recently bought woven skyline and rosy rosettes but haven't tried them yet!
    Love this post

    x x

    1. Evil Superdrug and there strategical planning haha x

  4. Foil flash looks like my favourite, but they're all gorgeous xx

    1. It's so pretty, great party polish! x

  5. these ones are awesome! I've been looking for nailpolish like this. Thanks for sharing!

    Confessions of a blonde

  6. I love a good glitter polish but they are sooo hard to get off so I rarely use them!

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog :)

    1. Yes that is the only downside! I think its deff worth it though!
      Course will have a look x

  7. these are really gorgeous, would be perfect for the holidays. thank you for sharing.

  8. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the great work ♡

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  9. I've just bought a couple of these!can't wait to try them!:)X


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