South West Blog Social Event

13 June 2014

The Blog Cocktail

Last Saturday i was lucky enough to be one of the 100 bloggers to attend the South West Blog Social in Exeter. The event was held in Oddfellows bar just off the main highstreet, which Tasha (my lovely travel buddy) and i managed to find with a little help from google maps...
The bar was a lovely and full to the brim with bloggers, after checking our names of the guest-list and receiving our wrist bands i took care of the necessary and hot footed it to the bar to get a cocktail. 
I decided i had to try the BLOG Cocktail specially created for the event, each letter stands for a different ingredient, Blackcurrent, Lime and Gin is all i remember im afraid no idea what the O ingredient was but it was delicious. 

Tasha and I

We went and joined a lovely little group of blogger friends tucked away in a little nook, some i had met before at the last event i attended, we all had a little chat and some got some lunch before it was almost time to head upstairs to the top bar were the talks were being held. 

Lovely Blogger Friends (1st pic) Amy, Myself and Tasha (2nd pic) Emily, Hannah, Carly, Becky and Harriette. 
Before heading upstairs we had a little snoop around the beauty and hair stations, where i had some pastel chalk colour put im my hair by the lovely ladies from ELK Salon. There was also a lady doing makeup and and a lady doing some fabulous nail art, unfortunately i didn't get the chance to get mine done.

The Hair Station
The Makeup and Nail Station
Nicole getting some amazing tropical palm tree nail art done
Ruth giving her talk

There was plenty of opportunities throughout the day to network and meet other bloggers, and also talks and cocktail making classes, so plenty going on to keep us occupied. I managed to make two of the talks, unfortunately i missed the rest as i went out to do a bit of shopping whilst i was in Exeter. 
The first talk i went to was by Maria Mcarthy a Journalist and Author who spoke to us about Print Media and getting published, and the second talk i managed to catch was by Ruth Douglas did a talk entitled What makes you you? all about finding your blogging voice, both talks were really interesting and i think it was a great idea to have talks and workshops at the event.

Gorgeous Kimonos
Quiz Goodies
Inbetween talks and things we were free to mingle, i had a little wander around there was an area set up where you could leave your buisness cards (i wish id had some made, fail!) and a board to sign all of our blog names on great ideas for networking.
There was a few stands set up the beautiful Kimonos pictured above are a collection from a local designer Claudia Meller, how amazing are they i wish id had more pennies available because i definitely would have snapped one up!
I also had a chat with the lovely Jennie who was representing Quiz Clothing, they had an area filled with Quiz goodies, we also got to take away in our goodie bags a Quiz biscuit, pen, Lookbook and a 10% off discount code.

Fab goodie bag treats
Beautiful necklace from Erin Cox
I had to leave a bit early to catch my train so i did miss the raffle, before i left i was given an amazing goodie bag filled with products from Yves Rocher, Clique Magazine, Quiz  and more. We were also each presented with an envelope filled with vouchers and discounts from local businesses and even a free scarf from The Real Mccoy and a free Necklace from Erin Cox for every blogger that attended, i picked up my free Mini Pearl Floating Pendant worth a whopping £35 how amazing is that!
By the time i got home i was absolutely nackard, but i had the most brilliant day. It was great cating up with old blogger friends and making new ones, i find my confidence seems to grow after each new event i attend and i always find myself feeling really inspired.
Big thanks to the event organisers Jodie and Albertine, as i think you will agree, that they did such a brilliant job!


  1. Such a great event, that necklace is gorgeous and such a good goody bag x
    Kate | A British Sparkle

    1. I no the goodie bag was great, I had such a good time x

  2. Fab post, have to get us Barny lot together for a mini bloggers meet :) xx see u soon

    1. Thanks lovely, yeah we will that would be great :) xx


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