GOSH Forever Eye Shadow Stick

08 June 2014

I spotted the new Gosh eye shadow sticks on my latest payday trip to Superdrug, of course it being something new i had to have a little swatch and that was me sold, i chose a couple of my favorite colours and in they went to my basket. 
The GOSH Forever Eye Shadow Sticks are a creamy metallic eye shadow in a stick form that can be used as both eye shadow and also as eyeliner, they are designed to be very long-wearing and waterproof. 
I didn't no that they are waterproof when i bought them i was so blind-sighted by the prettiness i didn't really notice anything else, what first alerted me to the fact that they were not just a normal eye-shadow crayon was the fact that i found my hand swatch incredibly difficult to remove, after scrubbing my hand and still not managing to completely remove it i actually decided to look a little closer to the packaging, metallic eye shadow stick WATERPROOF "ahhhhhh" 
I often found myself disappointed in the past with creamy eye products that look pretty but crease and fade quickly, so i was excited to test the GOSH sticks out properly to see how they last on the eyes, and boy do these things not budge! They seem to dry slightly on the skin so you want to blend they properly beforehand and after that they will last until you want to remove your makeup. I have been really impressed with how long they last and they don't fade or settle into creases either.  They apply beautifully so to the skin their soft, creamy and very easy to blend. I picked the shades 06 Plum and 01 Silver Rose, both shades are metallic but Plum is very heavily shimmered, its a deep purple but has a mixture of silver, purple and green shimmer that looks different colours when it catches the light (the swatch picture does not do it justice) Its very dramatic looking great for an easy smokey eye for nighttime. Silver Rose doesn't have any shimmer just a soft metallic sheen, its a lot more wearable for daytime and is such a pretty nude colour.  
I think these are the perfect product for Summer, wether its for holidays, festivals or trips to the beach and you want something that will last and not fade they these will definitely do the trick. There so simple to apply for such an effective look i know i will be taking these away with me on holiday for a simple yet glamourous pool-side look that will last! 

Have you tried the Gosh Forever Eye Shadow Sticks? What did you think?


  1. The colours are so pretty and they're so pigmented!x


  2. I love the pigmentation of these. It really makes the shimmer/metallic stand out. I love that you can wear them both day and night. I definitely agree that they are perfect to take on holiday! x

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  3. Damn, they look awesome, I would totally use the darker one as a base for a smokey eye and the brown is perfect for all over! Waterproof too? Then even better!


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