Pre-Holiday Beauty Preperation

24 June 2014

We all like to look our best when we go on holiday, i don't know if its just me but the thought of spending a week in a bikini is enough to get me in a mild panic and get me doing some serious pre-holiday beauty prep.
So as i'm off on holiday today (yayyy) i thought i would do a post showing you the beauty prep i spent the majority of my day yesterday doing to get myself beach ready!

Exfoliating and Moisturising-
Now this is something i've been trying to keep on top of for the last couple of weeks in preparation, as we all know the best way to get a good even tan natural or fake is to keep your skin fresh, smooth and exfoliated so i have been using my Garnier Oil Beauty Scrub pretty regularly in the shower to keep my skin soft and smooth and too remove all my old fake tan so my skin will be nice and fresh for optimum tanning. The other important thing is to keep the skin moisturized so after scrubbing the skin in the shower i make sure i apply my current favorite the Vaseline Spray& Go body moisturiser which is quick and easy to use and leaves the skin soft an smelling lovely.

Hair Removal-
Obviously when your going to spending the week in very little clothing hair removal is a must you don't want to be the hairy mary by the pool!
Some of you more glamourous and organized ladies may well keep your hair removal in check, if your like me however and only really shave those legs consistently when you A- are planning on wearing a skirt/dress and really have to or B- have a bf (and sometimes not even then) then your going to need to get rid of it, i have pretty sensitive skin so i use a sensitive Nair removal cream for more delicate areas (bikini line) and a sensitive Gillette razor for the rest.

Face and Hair Mask-
So scrubbed moisturized and fur free, i like to have a little pamper a use a face mask to freshen up the skin, the Ren Invisible Pores is one of my favorites to really de-clog the pores and leave the face smooth and clean. Knowing that my hair will be getting a bit of a battering with the not so healthy mixture of heat, chlorine and salt, that holidays bring i like to give my hair a bit of a treat before i go just so it's feeling soft and nourished, i've only used it a few times but i am loving the Philip Kingsley Elasicizer it leaves my hair feeling amazing.

Fake Tan-
Some people may think this is an unnecessary step but to me it is 100% necessary, yes i may be going on holiday to get a natural tan but that doesn't happen instantly, and i personally feel at my happiest with  a bit of colour to my skin, so i like to apply some fake tan before i go to tide me over until my natural tan starts to show through.

Im so rubbish with my eyebrows, i hate doing them but luckily they don't seem to grow too out of control if i don't do them regularly, but of course no full body pamper would be complete with out giving the brows a bit of attention, i don't do too much to the shape just pluck any stray hairs.

Finally no beauty prep can be complete without a bit of attention to those nails. I decided not to paint my nails with normal polish as it just chips so easily when your on holiday so i thought i would use my Sensationail gel kit because it literally lasts weeks without chipping which makes it perfect for holidays. For my feet i will give them a bit of attention with my Avon Foot Scrub to get rid of any dry skin moisturize and apply some fresh polish (i don't think i could manage the gel kit on my toes) i like to use a bright Summery Colour one of my current favorites is BarryM's Papaya.

So thats what I like to do do before a holiday to get me primped, preened and feeling my best. Do you have a pamper day before your holiday? 
What's your routine?

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