Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation NC20

29 April 2015

Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation NC20

Mac Studio Fix Fluid NC20 swatch

I picked the Studio Fix Fluid foundation up on last month on my first visit to an actual Mac store, unfortunately thats about two hours away from where i live but id taken myself on a shopping trip and thought it was the perfect opportunity to get matched for a Mac foundation.
I decided on Studio Fix as i wanted a long lasting foundation with good coverage and Studio Fix is described as being "A modern foundation that combines a natural matte finish and medium build-able coverage" Studio Fix comes in a small glass bottle, annoyingly with a twist top lid. I really hate this sort of packaging as i find having to tip the foundation out a hassle, Mac do sell individual foundation pumps so i bought one to make life easier for myself. The pump cost me an extra £4 on top of the £21.50 for the foundation, which is still cheaper than the £32 i pay for my Nars foundation. I was a bit concerned the pump would empty foundation out everywhere in my makeup bag as it doesn't fit inside the lid but luckily you can twist it to lock it.
I was matched to the shade NC20 which as you can see from the picture above is too dark for me but we decided on this shade as it would match me when I'm fake tanned for nights out which is what i would wear a more full cover foundation like Studio Fix for. I was also given a shade of NC15 to take away and test for days when I'm not fake tanned and i actually wasn't keen i think it washed me out and i think i would need a NC18 for a perfect match. For anyone needing a little help deciphering Macs shade labeling,

  • NC= neutral cool and is yellow (warm) toned 
  • NW= neutral warm and is pink (cool) toned

I have no idea why they did it this way seems pretty backwards to me but i find it helps logic it out in your mind if you think of the N as being not instead of neautral, so = Not Cool for NC and Not Warm NW.
Anyway the NC is definitely right for me the yellow tones suit my skin perfectly and when I'm fake tanned this is the perfect match for me.
Studio Fix is a fairly thick foundation i only require a couple of pumps to cover my entire face and neck which is great. Blending wise i find it takes a little bit of buffing it in, but it covers really well and has excellent coverage, i would agree that it is medium and its also really easy to add more to up the coverage to full if needed. The finish is amazing, i think it looks flawless covering imperfections and pores i love how it looks. The durability of this foundation is also impressive, it most defiantly will last the night and you don't start to lose coverage in areas.
Its a bit too heavy for me personally as an everyday foundation just because i like something a little sheerer and lighter, however it is my new favourite foundation for times i want to look flawless and want my foundation to stay looking good.

Have you tried Studio Fix? What did you think?



  1. I have always heard great reviews on this foundation! I have to try it

    Annie | DrugstoreDreamer

  2. I used this foundation for a long time, it's great but I switched to the concealer as my foundation instead as I wanted ridiculous coverage! Great review xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  3. I love the Studio Fix powder as it hides my humongous pores like no other setting powder, I'll have to give this foundation a try. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have NW 30 :) in the summer. I am an Estee Lauder lover but use this for every day

  5. I love Studio Fix, but thought I'd try the Full Coverage foundation when I ran out - big mistake! It was so cakey and clung to all my dry patches around my nose. Definitely need to stock up on the Studio Fix next time I'm near a Mac store. Great read.

    Amy | Get Glam


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