My top Spring nail polishes

27 March 2014


I did one of these posts back in October with my top Autumn nail polishes and so i thought i would make it a seasonal thing and bring you my top nail polishes for spring. 
For me when i think of spring i think of the new flowers particularly daffodils, and baby animals, its all fresh and full of life. In colours that translates to me as a mixture of pretty pastels and a few vibrant shades. 

Topshop 3D 203-
I had to pick a glitter as i do love a glitter polish! This beauty is a really pretty mixture of very fine glitter in clear polish, its mainly a sort of green colour but in the light it looks multicolored and holographic. 

Essie Madison Ave-hue-
This is such a pretty pink, it was actually from Essies spring collection last year. the colour makes me think of roses, it also has a very light barely detectable shimmer to it. 

Rimmel Lemon Drop-
No spring nail picks could be without a yellow it just makes me think of cute little chicks, ahh... This is just the perfect pastel yellow its also has good coverage for such a light shade. 

BarryM Blueberry-
Not quiet a pastel but not too bright either this is such a nice blue, it may be called Blueberry but it reminds me of Bluebells.

Bourjois Amande Defile-
This is a lovely fresh colour for spring its in-between a mint green and an apple green, just a lovely green colour really.

BarryM Papaya-
I love this gorgeous vibrant peachy/orange its bright and perfect for Spring, orange is everywhere for lips at the moment so why not rock it on your nails too. 

Topshop Chase-
This is probably my favorite Topshop nail polish its just so pretty, the prefect lilac with a gorgeous shimmer. 

I hope you like my top picks for spring nails, what will you be wearing on your nails this spring?


  1. Love! You always have such great picks/reviews. Keep it up.

  2. These colours are all so beautiful! I love Essie Cute As A Button for Spring/Summer x


  3. Love all of these picks! The two Barry M polishes are gorgeous.
    Vicki x

    What A Little Pickle

  4. Great picks, I love the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine polishes Blueberry and Greenberry are my favourite shades for spring x


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