Benefit Gimmie brow in light/medium

19 March 2014

I had seen so many good reviews on this new Benefit brow wonder that i just had to try it out for myself. Im pretty low maintenance when it comes to my brows, i pluck them as little as possible just taking stray hairs away i don't really mess with the shape, make up wise I'm just pretty useless i used to use a Rimmel eyebrow pencil for day to day but am never 100% happy with how it looks. I was interested to try a product that not only gives a colour to the brows but claimed to have brush on fibres to make the brows look fuller. 

I picked up Gimmie Brow in the shade light/medium as my hair and eyebrows are both quite light i never go too dark. Colour wise the shade is great for me, my eyebrows are a mid-dark blonde colour and without makeup they look sparse and too light. As you can see from the picture above i have applied Gimmie Brow to the left side, and the gel does look darker but not too drastically it just makes my eyebrows look more noticeable, defined and put together. 

Gimmie Brow comes in a small mascara like form, the applicator brush is a very small stiff bristled brush which i think works great for the eyebrows. To apply you just have to brush it through the brows it doesn't clump them up its not messy at all, i think its very quick and simple to apply great if you don't want to spend ages on your brows. 

The gel formula is the perfect medium its not sticky or runny so your brows wont be sliding down your face, and its not so thick that it clumps or goes crusty. Once applied to the brows it in fact feels very natural like there is nothing even on them. 
I was a bit unsure when i got this as to how well it would help to fill out more sparse areas of my brows but it really does a good job and makes them look a more full and even shape.

My Thoughts-
I really like Gimmie Brow, i like how it fills and defines my bows so easily giving them a fuller shape. 
If you are low maintenance like me with your brows this could be the product for you as its so quick and simple to use. The only concern i have is the amount of product you get for the price. It is a small tube and at £17.50 it doesn't come cheap, I'm hoping it will last a good couple of months and if it does i will definitely be repurchasing. 

Have you tried Benefits Gimmie Brow? What did you think?

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  1. I tried this but didn't really like it. I don't think the formula went very well with my skin as it seemed to disappear after about 2 hours x



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