BarryM Aquarium Collection

16 March 2014

Pacific/Mermaid/Mediterainian/Treasure Chest

I had been so well behaved lately and had been managing to avoid random beauty purchases in Superdrug or Boots...mainly by avoiding them both completely but still. That was until i had to make a trip to the pharmacy in Superdrug, i spotted these little beauties from the new BarryM collection and due to my large weakness for nail polishes (seriously their like my cryptonite) they ended up coming home with me.
The new BarryM Aquarium collection features six nail polishes, four two-tone shimmer polishes and two glitter top coats which contain the coordinating colours of the polishes. I picked up four from the collection the two glitter top coats and my favorite two polishes.

AQNP6 Pacific-
Pacific is a blue polish with a green sheen.

AQNP1 Mermaid-
Mermaid is a glitter top coat consisting of clear polish with blue, green and gold irregular foil glitter particles.

AQNP4 Mediterranean-
Mediterranean is a copper polish with a pinky/gold sheen to it.

AQNP2 Treasure chest-
Treasure Chest is a glitter top coat consisting of clear polish with rose and gold irregular foil glitter particles.

The polishes are just the most gorgeous colours i cant even decide which one is my favorite, and the duo chrome finish looks so pretty when it catches the light. Their quite thin in consistency so they definitely require two plus coats for a good even finish i used three in the swatches above.
The glitter in the top coats is chunky but will definitely also require a few coats for a full finish. Paired together the polish and topcoats result in a striking finish, i really do love them i'm just trying to convince myself now that i don't need the entire collection...

The new BarryM Aquarium Collection are £3.99 each and are currently two for £6.00 in Superdrug. 
Which colours your favorite?


  1. This collection is so beautiful. Definitely got my eyes on one or two of these xx

  2. These look fabulous :) love a good Barry nail varnish

  3. Wow these look absolutely gorgeous, I will be popping in and getting some myself xxxx

  4. I absolutely love the look of these nail polishes! I work in Superdrug and have been eyeing them up every day wanting to buy them but I'm trying not to buy anything at the minute. I definitely need them in my life soon though, haha! Great post :-)

    - xoxo


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