Mac Hue, The Perfect Nude?

27 February 2014

Not so long ago during a Twitter chat, i asked my lovely BBlogger friends for advice on what Mac Lipsticks they suggest i should add to my new Mac collection. I said that one of the colours i was looking for was a nude, and Hue was one of the lipsticks suggested to me. 
I didn't want a nude that was too skin colored i feel they can wash me out, i wanted one with a pink tone too it that looks more like a natural lip colour. 
Hue is a pale pink glaze lipstick, its the first lipstick with a glaze finish i've tried and i really like it. Its not as long wearing as more matt finishes but its light and glossy looking. 
The colour doesn't come out very pink on my lips, its infact exactly what i wanted just a gorgeous nude colour, that due to the soft pink tones doesn't look like skin. 
This lipstick is perfect for a understated everyday lip colour, and i'm happy to say, i think i have found my perfect nude!
Have you found your perfect nude?


  1. This looks lovely. I have shy girl but it's a little too peachy for me

  2. I love this colour! My perfect nude is Mac Blankety x


  3. This is my perfect nude - I adore it - the perfect amount of pink for me!

  4. This is a gorgeous shade. I've been looking for a new nude mac lipstick so I might have to have a look at this.

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  5. I love Hue.. it suits me so much better than Myth that I picked up from Mac last year! xx

  6. I love this lipstick, its beautiful.


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