Benfit's Porefessional Agent Zero Shine Review

25 February 2014

I am a big Benefit fan, their products are good quality and fun, everything from the packaging down to the product names are well thought out and different.
Benefits new product Porefessional Agent Zero Shine is no exception. Their new shine free PRO powder which claims to "help shrink the look of pores and minimize shine" comes in the most unique packaging yet. The powder comes in a cylindrical container, the middle filled with product, the lid and base are both removable. The lid is used to put the product into, and when you remove the base it reveals a small brush for application.
So to use you unscrew the lid tap out the product into it, and apply to the face using the brush, simple right?
As unique and novelty as the packaging is to be honest i find it a bit of a faff, i no its a finishing powder so in theory you would probably apply it at home after you've done your makeup, however being an oily skinned girl my skin can get quite shiny quickly so i always take my powder with me for touch ups. This to me is not a powder that would be easy to use on the go, trying to carefully tip some powder out into the lid on the bus or in a bar toilet after a few wines just screams nightmare to me...
Anyway enough on the packaging lets get onto the actual product its self.
I am happy to report that i really like the powder, like i said before i have oily skin and all the delights that accompany it such as enlarged pores. I already use the Porefessional primer which i like for covering them and it does a good job, but this powder really does do something magical to the skin, it literally blurs the skin, and makes my pores undetectable, amazing!
Along with the beautiful finish it gives it also does a good job of minimizing shine whilst feeling incredibly light weight on the skin.

My Thoughts
I personally think there are good and bad points to this product, i equally both love and hate the packaging, yes its fun and different but in reality i'm not sure its practical.
I am very impressed with the finish it gives the skin and how it blurs the pores,  however i'm not sure that it keeps shine at bay any longer than my Rimmel Stay Matt.
Another thing is it doesn't look like you get a lot of product so i'm not sure how long it would last for, it is a very finely milled powder and it doesn't take a lot at all for the entire face.
At £23.50 it isn't cheap either so i think i need to test it out a bit further before i decide if its worth re-purhaseing.

I hope this review was helpful, has anyone else tried Porefessional Agent Zero Shine? What did you think?


  1. I really want to try this! Thanks for the review :)

  2. I love all of Benefit's products and I really want to try this but I use up powder way too fast to justify paying this much x


  3. I was tempted by this but I need something for when I'm out and about so I don't think the packaging will be right for me. Thanks for the review, it was really helpful!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  4. Fab read! Considered purchasing this but I'm definitely in two minds about it, might go and try it out at the counter first xx
    Kristie from Kristie Blogs Beauty


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