Sleek i-Divine Original Palette Review

23 February 2014

I was actually looking for the Sleek Vintage Romance Palette when i picked up this beauty, unfortunately the the Superdrug i was in didn't have it.
I had only tried lip and cheek products form Sleek and had been really impressed with both, so i decided to try more from there range. I hoped that the great quality and strong pigmentation would impress me just as much and i am happy to report i was not left disappointed.
I usually find with a lot of high street makeup brands that there eyeshadows are not great, i often find them chalky in texture with poor colour pay off.
This is most definitely not the case with Sleek eyeshadows, for your £7.99 you get twelve eyeshadows one matt, and eleven metalic/pearlescent shadows. The colours come out on the skin exactly as they look in the palette, so unlike some eyeshadows what you see really is what you get.
The shadows are smooth and incredibly pigmented, i think there's a great selection of colours in the Original Palette, there's something for everyone and the beautiful shades can be used to create different and unique eye looks. My favorites are the khaki green, the navy blue and the rose gold colours and i cant wait to play around with them and see what new looks i can create.
The packaging like the other Sleek Palettes is the same thin black plastic packaging, its nothing exciting but its durable and the small size means its easy to carry around with you.

I am in love with this palette, at £7.99 its just unbeatable for the quality of the product and i will most definitely be picking up more Sleek palettes in the future.
Have you tried a Sleek Eyeshadow palette? What did you think?


  1. Ooooh thats preetttyyyyy.. Might have to check this out ;)

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. I haven't tried sleek eyeshadows but those colours look tempting!

    x x

  3. Oh wow what an absolute bargain and this is gorgeous xxx

  4. What a lovely palette and it's so affordable too, I must try it. I actually haven't tried ANY Sleek products before which I need to rectify as soon as possible!

    Michaela-Leigh xx

  5. I have plenty of sleek blush palettes but never tried out the eye shadows, the colours in this are very different from what I usually go for but I love it x


  6. I used to love the Sleek eyeshadow palettes, I definitely need to give them a revisit! x



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