December Birchbox

23 December 2013


Hello lovely people, can you believe its only two days until Christmas? Madness where has the time gone? I am going to try my best to still blog over Christmas and New Year even though my schedule is pretty jam packed, thats dedication for you!
Anyway i thought i would do a review on the December Birchbox. I have been subscribed to Birchbox for three months now, i switched over from Glossybox as i was getting a bit fed up with them after months of mediocre boxes.
I found it quiet strange to start with getting healthy living bits and bobs in the box, however i was really impressed with getting two Laura Mercier products in my first two boxes, and was really excited to see what they would have in the Christmas box, this is what mine contained...

Number 4 Non-Aerosol Hairspray-
If I'm being honest i picked this up and thought what on earth is that?! The packaging is not the nicest, it looks a bit clinical and is really not something i would even pick up in a shop it just wouldn't stand out to me...however after trying it i am quiet impressed, i never really use a lot of hairspray and if i do its an aerosol, this does hold my hair nicely and smells lovely, proof you shouldn't judge a book by its cover! 

Nail Rock Nail Velvet-
This was what i was most excited about getting from the whole box, i love trying new things with my nails and this velvet manicure looks good and i cant wait to try it. 

I had heard a lot about these bands, i think there a great idea, as someone who has quiet long hair i have it up a lot to keep it out of the way, but i get breakage from my hair bands which is not what i want so I'm looking forward to seeing if this makes any difference. 

Sin-care Party Girl Serum-
A detoxifying serum to brighten and reduce signs of skin fatigue due to indulging in late nights and alcohol! Wow, i welcome this little beaut in my life with open arms this sounds like it could come in very useful over the next few weeks.

Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow-
I have never heard of this makeup brand before, the shimmer is a really pretty light mineral powder that can be built up depending on the look you want, love me a bit of sparkle so I'm sure i'll make use of this. 

Lamilou Smooth Exfoliating Liquid-
This is a skin exfoliator that claims to take off dead skin and leave your skin smooth and soft, i tested this out and was a bit confused to be honest i know its called a smooth exfoliating liquid and it really is completely smooth, no grainy bits at all which i find strange, how does it exfoliate then? Hummm 

So thats everything form the December box, i like how its designed for the party season with skin-care, beauty and hair-care to get you party ready. I was happy with my box but still slightly underwhelmed, i think after having Laura Mercier in the last two boxes i thought wow there December box is sure to be amazing and i just don't think it was, to be fair i think I'm probably just getting a bit tired of monthly beauty boxes now and it may be time for me to give up on them completely in the new year!

Does anyone else subscribe to Birchbox? What did you think of the December Box?


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