Naked 3 Palette// Review & Swatches

18 December 2013

Hey lovelies, i have an exciting post to share with you today, a review of my favorite new addition to my makeup collection the Naked 3 Palette!
Ever since i heard the Naked 3 Palette was being released i new i would have to get my hands on it, and so i pre-ordered mine from and it was delivered on Saturday, which i was very excited about as i wasn't expecting it until the 21st.
I am a big lover of Urban Decay eyeshadows and i have used my Naked 2 palette to death i have even hit pan on quite a few of the colours.
Some people may think what's the point in getting another palette of neutral eye colours when you already have one how different can it be?
Whereas the Naked 2 is a palette of mostly cool taupe shades, Naked 3 has twelve all new, more warmed toned rose shades and they are just beautiful.
Out of the twelve shades there are a mixture of matt, satin and glitter shades ranging from light to dark colours.
The three matt shades Strange, Limit and Nooner and all smooth and well pigmented, Strange is great for the brow bone and Limit and Nooner are both great crease shades. I was really impressed with how pigmented a lot of the eyeshadows are particularly some of the satin finish shades Liar, Mugshot and Darkside. Blackheart is a very interesting black shadow with red glitter and I'm looking forward to trying a few new eye looks with this. I was slightly disappointed with Dust its a very pretty rose shimmer, however i find it slightly chalky compared to the rest and i need to apply a lot to make it noticeable.
Also included with the Palette are four different samples of Urban Decays eye primers including the Original, Eden, Sin and an Anti-aging primer.
I think Urban Decay have done a great job with this palette, i am completely in love with mine, i think there is a great selection of colours and finishes and i am loving playing around with new eye looks.

Has anyone else got there hands on the Naked 3 Palette? What do you think of it? 



  1. This looks so pretty!

  2. It looks absolutely beautiful, I'm a tad jealous I really wanted to snap this up if i had the cash. Definitely want to after seeing the swatches xxx

  3. I picked it up yesterday and so far, am kind of disappointed with it sadly. I felt the matte shadows are kind of flakey and don't blend as well and the shimmers have a TON of fall out. It's disappointing because in general, I'm a ginormous fan of UD shadows. But now I'm wishing I got the Vice 2 palette instead.

  4. This is just gorgeous, I'm desperate to get it!


  5. I did get a lot of fall out too but I have found a light hand makes it so much better, now I am loving it!

    Cornelia - Ineffable Beauty

  6. this looks really really nice!i see why it was greatly anticipated!so pretty!:)xx


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