New Years Eve Beauty Prep

31 December 2013


Hey lovelies, i don't know about you but when it comes to New Years Eve i find there's a certain amount of beauty preparation i need to do to get myself feeling glam and ready for the nights antics. New Years is the biggest night of the year, its about saying goodbye to the past year and hello to the next and i want to be feeling and looking my best!
So i thought i would do a post telling you what i do to give myself a good pamper and get myself party ready.

Body prep-
Avery important part of my preparation routine is getting my body ready, now by this i mean hair free, smooth and ready for tanning. To get my skin ready for fake tan i like to keep it moisturized and smooth to get a better result so i use a body oil to moisturize, particularly on my legs which get very dry due to shaving. I'll also use a body scrub to get my skin fresh and get rid of any remaining fake tan. 

The Tan-
I personally feel at my best when i've got a bit of colour to my skin, so if I'm preping for a night out especially one as big as New Years i always fake tan. I usually do my fake tan the night before, i occasionally do it just before going out, but i find that to be potentially hazardous with the rainy winter weather... streaky fake tan running down your leg is not a good look! I will be applying my Cocoa Brown tan the night before and washing it off in morning.

I like to do a face mask to get my face feeling its best and to give a good base for makeup, i will usually do one the night before, i will be using my Ren Invisible Pores Detox Mask to de-clog and might also use the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal mask to get my skin as fresh and smooth as possible.

A bit of eyebrow taming is essential before a night out, your eyebrows really do frame your face and i like mine neat and tidy for a night out.

I like to use a deep conditioning mask on my hair before a night out, i just feel like it needs a bit of a treat to be soft shiny and looking it's best, i have a quite a few deep hair masks but my current favorite and one i'll be using, is the John Frieda Hydrate and Rescue Deep Conditioning Mask.

Last but not least no party prep is complete without making sure your finger and toe nails are newly painted. I will be making sure i remove all existing polish and giving my hands and feet a fresh coat, and as its New Years eve it got to be something with glitter!

When i'm all prepped and ready, its time to put on my makeup, do my hair, put on my New Years outfit and i'm feeling good and ready for the night festivities!
I hope you all have a great New years Eve, and i will see you with my next post in the new year!

I hope you liked hearing about my preparation routine, what do you to to get yourself ready for a big night out like NYE?


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