Mini Sleek Haul and Review!

14 September 2013

Hello lovely's, i've got a few goodies from Sleek to share with you. These are the first bits of Sleek makeup i have purchased, i had been wanting to try Sleek for a while as id heard how good the pigmentation and quality of the products are for a relatively inexpensive brand. Unfortunately my local superdrug doesn't stock sleek products, one of the joys of living where i do.... so i had to order mine online i picked up the Candy collection blush palette, Face form palette and the Brow Kit. 

Cupcake, Dolly Mix, Candy Floss.

Sleek Blush BY 3 Candy Collection, Sweet Cheeks-
This product was the main driving force behind the order, i had seen so many blog posts about this and was dying to pick it up for myself. The Sweet Cheeks palette is limited edition (still available online) and consists of a matt powder, a shimmer powder, and a cream blush. Everything about this palette is amazing, anyone who's a sucker for packaging like me will find it hard not to be drawn in by the cute candy inspired box. The blushers themselves are the MOST intensely pigmented blushers i've ever tried! Cupcake is the cream blush, its more of a blue toned pink, you don't need a lot of product and its blends out really well. Dolly Mix is the matt powder and is a very lilac pink, its the lightest of the blushers, and my favorite of the three. Candy floss is the shimmer powder, its a very bold fuchsia pink definitely not one for the fait hearted i only used the tinniest bit of this on my brush and i found it way to bight for me, i think its probably more suited to darker skintones. 

Contour, Highlighter, Blusher.

Sleek Face Form Palette in Light-
I was really interested to try this, as i had been looking for a product to contour with, Sleek also do a palette with just the contour and highlight but i really liked the look of the blusher so i went for this one. 
The contour is basically a matt bronzer its used to sculpt and define the face in areas like under the cheekbones, forehead and nose, i was really happy with the colour its not too dark and its easily blended for a natural look. The highlighter is a shimmery pearl colour, which you use to highlight areas that would naturally catch the light like the cheekbones and down the nose. I Think its so pretty, i find it quiet light so i have to apply more to get the look i want. The blusher is a gorgeous coral with gold shimmer, i am so i love with it i think it just gives such a healthy look to the skin it would suit all skintones, its my new favorite blusher!   

Wax, Powder. 

 Sleek Brow Kit in Light-
The Brow Kit consists of a wax, a powder, an angled brush, a blending brush and some tweezers. The wax is the darker shade which you use first to define and shape the brows, you then fill in the brows with the lighter powder. I would say this is the perfect colour for me, my eyebrows are very light naturally so i don't like to go to drastically dark but i do like them to stand out and define my face. I had never used a wax before but i like how it holds the hairs in place. Before buying this i had always used an eyebrow pencil, i am now completely converted to this little kit.

Has anyone tried any of these Sleek products? What did you think?



  1. The brow kit looks just like the Benefit Browzing kit I have. How much is it?


  2. I am soooo in love with Sleek at the moment and would love that blush palette - perfect colours for blondes I think :) So tempted to put in a little order with them!

    Claire from Stylingo xxx

  3. Hiii I love your blog and I've nominated you for a Liebster award!! :) You can check out my questions for you here:

    Can't wait to read your post on it :) Good luck!!
    Beyond Bally.

  4. Even before I saw your review I wanted the blusher kit just from the packaging, absolutely adorable! I've been looking for a contouring kit too and had no idea Sleek did one. Great post.

    Now following, feel free to follow back :)


    1. The packaging is amazing isn't it. Thank you :) xx

  5. I love Sleek products, I have one of their blush palettes, eye-shadow pallete and their face contour kit. Might have to try out the Brow kit too as i desperately need something for my brows!


    1. Yea you deaf should its really good! I really want to try one of there eyeshadow palettes. Xx

  6. I have never tried sleek before but i have heard about soo many! I will definitely give these a try!xo
    Follow me and I’ll follow back. Let me know when you’re done Also, I'd really like it if you were a part of the themed monthly look book on my blog Teeniolect HERE
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  7. I love the shades so pigmented love it <3

  8. I have never tried Sleek products before but have often heard lots of good things about them! I really like the packaging, they look very classy!

    1. You should definitely try sleek you won't be disappointed! Xx

  9. Great post. I love the blush trio and the face trio. I follow you now. Maybe you want to folow me too

  10. I've been meaning to try some of their palettes, especially the eyebrow kit! I'm gonna have to go out and pick it up next time now! lovely review :)

    chloe xo

  11. Thanks for this post it's really helpful :) I just did a sleek haul on my blog so check it out if you want!
    Georgia xo


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