August Favourites!

06 September 2013

Hello lovely's, i cant believe its september already! Where has this year gone? Its crazy to think its christmas in four months! I am very sad to be saying goodbye to summer but i must admit i do enjoy the cooler autumn/winter months and all that they bring.
Anyway.... here are my favourites from the last month.

ST. Moriz Bronzing Mouse-
I recently reviewed this fake tan and compared it to St tropez, in a post last month (read here) I am still loving it as much now as i was then, its the only fake tan i've been using, for me it just gives the perfect colour I'm looking for its super easy to apply and its also really cheap not that i see myself having to repurchase for a while as there still seems to be loads left in the bottle!

BarryM Jelly in Papaya-
I am so impressed with the BarryM Jelly polishes they have a brilliant finish, great staying power and an amazing colour range. I picked Papaya as a monthly favorite as i wore it last month and completely fell in love with it, its the perfect summer shade to go with a tan i could happily have worn it on my nails for the entire month!

Esstee Lauder Sparkling Clean Foaming Gel Cleanser-
I haven't mentioned this on the blog before, i was using this daily a few months back and was really enjoying using it. I only stopped as i got some new skincare to try, but recently i have rediscovered my love for it. Its a foaming gel cleanser for oily skin and it always leaves my skin fresh and doesn't dry it out at all, it is pricey for a cleanser but its lasted me for ages so far and there's still quiet a bit left.

Viva la Juicy Noir, Juicy Couture-
I received this perfume as a sample in my last Glossybox, i hadn't been overly enthused by perfume samples before but this little beaut has changed my mind! I fell in love with it right away it smells AMAZING i am definitely wanting to add a full sized bottle of this to my perfume collection.

Batiste Dry Shampoo for Blonde Hair-
Now i no this might seem like a bit of a boring thing to put on my monthly favorites as I'm pretty sure everyones used dry shampoo and its all pretty much the same, the reason i am giving a shout out to this one is because it has been my saviour over the last month. I am in serious need of some root attention, i have been trying to put off dying them to help keep my hair in better condition by dying it less. This is by no means a magical root disguising product but it does help hide them a bit.

Vichy Dermablend-
Yes i no i have only just posted a review on this foundation (literally my last post) but as you may tell from my glowing review if you've read it, i bloody love the stuff! So its only fair it gets a mention. Not much more to say on it really if you want to know more you can read the review..... (sneaky promotion)

Topshop Bronzer in Sandcastle-
So glad i purchased this, its been my bronzer of choice every day since i bought it! I have been completely converted to matt bronzers now i love the natural and healthy look that it gives, its not too dark perfect colour for lighter skins.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite products from the last month. What have you been loving?


  1. I received the Juicy perfume too and also love it def one to be put on my Christmas list!

    Carrieanne x

    1. Its lovely isnt it, think it might have to go my xmas list too lol. xx

  2. Love that nail polish! !

    Kerry X

  3. I added Barry M Gelly in my August Favourites too....I want the colour you have so baaaddddddd.

    1. I love them there so good i just want every shade now lol xx

  4. great favourites!
    i love my gelly polishes!

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

  5. I'm trying to take real good care of my hair recently since I've just started dying it again after two years of being a good girl so I need to get my hands on a bottle of this famous Batiste ASAP so that I don't have to torture my hair with shampoo too often. Also the face cleanser sounds amazing, too but it's so pricey.

    ♥, moonchild beauty blog

  6. Batiste is literally a life saver!! Not having to wash my hair so often has done it the world of good. xx


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