Bourjois Rose Exclusif & Blush Exclusif Review!

07 September 2013

Hey lovely's, i popped into superdrug last week and as per usual i failed to leave without making a purchase... Whilst browsing the makeup i spotted these new little beauties from Bourjois! I must admit i haven't been their biggest fan in the past, however lately they seem to be bringing out some great new products that everyones been going mad over. The Bourjois Exclusif blush and lipgloss react to your skins PH to create your own individual shade, i think thats a really interesting idea so i decided to test them out.

Bourjois Blush Exclusif-
"A bespoke blusher that self adjusts into a unique personalized pink when applied to the cheeks"
The blush is a cream blusher that turns to powder on the skin, i like that it transforms to a powder as i personally prefer a powder finish i find the colour usually lasts longer. The colour in the pan is a light baby/rose pink. I applied it to my cheeks using my fingers, it has a very light texture and is described as being "incredibly bendable" and yes it does blend well but i find i had to apply quiet a lot of product to build up the colour i wanted as it almost disappears. I really like the colour i don't think it changed that much once applied, it was still a baby pink colour,  it is very light but i don't like my blusher to be too bright. Like the other Bourjois blushers it also has a light floral fragrance. 
I do really like this blusher i do love the colour, I'm just not sure that it actually changed colour on my skin if it did it was a very subtle change. 

Bourjois Rose Exclusif-
"A transparent lipgloss that self-adjusts into a unique personalized pink when applied to the lips"
This is not the first Ph reacting lip product i've tried, i have also tried the Topshop lipstick in Crystal (mentioned here) The gloss is clear before being applied, the hand swatch below shoes what it looked like when first applied to the skin, and the face shot shows what the colour looks like on my lips once fully developed. I love the colour its the most gorgeous rose pink colour, i was worried when i first tested it on my hand that it would stay light but it developed into a much pinker shade. The gloss is described as having a "non sticky texture that brings volume and shine to the lips" i found it to be very sticky which i don't like, however it had really good staying power and did bring volume to my lips. Overall i am impressed with this lipgloss unlike the blusher  i can clearly see the colour change so it does work and i really like the colour it gives me. 

Has anyone else tried these Bourjois products? I would be interested to know if anyone gets a noticeably different colour with the blusher, please comment if you've tried it. 



  1. This blusher is on my list to purchase when I run out of my current Revlon one. The idea that it changes into a personalised colour, and goes from cream to powder is something that really intrigues me. Thanks for a great review :)
    G x

    1. I no personalised colour is such a good idea, i love the cream to powder formulas, thanks lovely xx

  2. I soooo desperate for a new blusher! I've never tried Bourjois products as I'm not a fan of the packaging (don't know why). But this personalised thingy sounds very good!

  3. Really want to try that blush, although I think the 'colour adapting' thing may be a bit of a gimmick, as you said you didn't notice much change. It's still a very gorgeous colour.

    - Rhi x

    1. Weather it does change colour or not its still a great blush that i would deff recomend, lovely colour and formula :) xx

  4. Just today I watched a video by essiebutton and she mentioned the blusher - if I remember correctly, the color shifted quite a bit on her skin! Perhaps you're just meant to wear light pink ;) I do hope these exclusive products reach my country, would be so fun to try them out!

    ♥, moonchild beauty blog

  5. Think i have to watch her video im interested to see the colour she got, yea maybe lol i do the love the colour tho :) xx


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