Bourjois Volume 1 Second Mascara

23 September 2014

I rarely find myself getting excited about mascara's and thats not because I'm not too fused about wearing them believe me i feel pretty naked without it, i've just never been so massively wowed by one that it became my holy grail cant live with out it mascara. I do have a few that i have liked and enjoyed using in the past Benefits There Real being one and Estee Lauder's Sumptuous Extreme is also another lovely one, however neither of those are the cheapest mascara's on the market and having pretty much used them up even though i really liked them i was still in no massive hurry to repurchase. 
Having been really impressed with all of Bourjois latest new products i decided i would give their new Volume 1 Second Mascara a try, and i am really glad i did as i fell in love with it instantly. For me Volume 1 second Mascara ticks all the boxes, what sometimes annoys me with mascara's is they rarely do everything you want it to do i mean why pick between volumising and lengthening can i not have both? Well yes it seems finally i can, i find it lengthens, volumises and doesn't clump my lashes together another massive bonus as i like to end up with more than three when i've applied a few coats!
The brush is plastic which is usually a down side for me i find they can be quite spiky and uncomfortable to use (huh hum there real..) and i prefer natural mascara's brushes so i was a bit surprised to find i don't mind this one at all, its quite large but i find this means it easily coats my lashes really evenly and i can get right to the root of my lashes and get a good bit of volume. 
Like said previously i can get a good amount of length and volume from this mascara it also curls my lashes well, its also easily built up with extra layers for a more dramatic look, great for amping up your lashes for a day/night look. 
Finally i've found a mascara i love and i couldn't be happier thats it a highstreet one, at just £9.99 Bourjois Volume 1 second mascara is comparable to high end mascara's double the price and even comes up trumps for me, i will definitely be repurchasing. 

Have you tried the Bourjois Volume 1 second Mascara? What did you think?


  1. I think the brush is harsh on my eyes but I love the effect it creates, a daily beauty product now! xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  2. It is a lovely mascara, really lengthens and volumises.


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