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18 September 2014

*I&K Gold Clip Extensions 22" £72.99

I've Been into clip in extensions for years now, their just a simple way to change up your hair and make you feel glam particularly for occasions and nights out. My old extensions had seen better days so i was really happy to be sent some new ones from Hairtrade, i got the 22" I&k clip ins in the colour 613 they are the lightest blonde colour you can get. The first thing that stuck me when i received the extensions is how long they were, it says on the website that the extensions are actually two inches longer that stated (this is incase you want your extensions cut in if you have layers so you don't lose any of the length), so my extensions are actually 24" which is super long but i really love the extra length, i mainly wear extensions on nights out now as my hair has finally grown to a decent length but in my eyes the longer the better! 
The extensions come in 10 clip in pieces, 2 large pieces each with 3 clips, 2 slightly smaller pieces also with 3 clips and 6 single pieces to cover the whole head. Putting them in is really simple you section the hair (starting at the bottom of the head is easier) open up the clips and place near the root and then close the clip section off a new piece and repeat. I use the two smallest 3 clip pieces near the bottom of the head and the two largest above sort of ear level and one above, and the smaller single pieces i use around the sides. 
The hair is 100% human hair so it can be styled, washed and dyed just like you would with your own, you get a good amount of hair with the extensions, it feels and looks good quality very soft and shinny even for blonde hair. When I'm wearing the extensions they feel secure and not too heavy, and i have gorgeous thick and long hair which is exactly what i want from my extensions. 
Like i said previously i chose the colour 613 which is called light blonde, the colour is a light blonde but actually has quite a yellow tone to it which was far too warm for my hair as i get ash blonde highlights. However if like me you have a more cool toned blonde colour to your hair there is a simple solution to rectify this without having to dye your extensions and thats to use a purple shampoo on them, simple and cheap and it works. 
If you want to give this a go this is what to do-
1- Wet the extensions,
2- Fill a sink/bowl with warm (not too hot) water and add the purple shampoo to the water and swish around until completely mixed.
3- Piece soak the piece in the diluted water, don't leave it in for too long about 20-30 seconds each piece.
4- Rinse the piece in warm water to wash off all the shampoo water, apply conditioner leave for a few minutes while you soak all the other pieces.
5- Once all the extension pieces have been soaked, rinsed and conditioned rinse all the extensions again to wash off the conditioner.
After that you should have noticeably lighter extensions, it worked really well for me as you can see in the pictures the product shots of the extensions are how they were before and in the pictures of me wearing them they have been toned and the colour is a great match for my hair. 

I put a picture in above of me wearing the extensions on a night out, as you can see they are a great length and i felt so glamourous that night with them in all curled and pretty, i love them!

I&K Gold Clip ins are available from Hairtrade


  1. They look great! Brill idea using purple shampoo to tone them down a bit, I will try that on mine x

  2. I have been very tempted to get some extensions recently - my hair just doesn't seem to grow any more! I think I might look into this brand a bit further :)

    - Taisie ♥ | Life by Taisie

  3. You look gorgeous - the extensions look seamless with your own hair in the last picture. Do you have any advice for doing up do's with extensions in? If you do, perhaps you could do a blog post/tutorial as I for 1 would definitely find it useful xxx

  4. WOW they look really gorgeous and natural hun a brand I definitely need to check out xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  5. They look so natural! They really suit you :)

    Natalie - The Floral Republic

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