L'oreal Glam Matte Gloss

03 September 2014

As soon as a makeup brand brings out a new type of product, you can be pretty sure the rest shall soon follow with their own versions. Limecrime originally brought out the massively popular Velvetines, a bold liquid lipstick that dries to a matt finish, with the highstreet brands soon bringing out there own versions. Having tried a few types myself and being particularly impressed with Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets, when i spotted L'oreal's Glam Matte range in some fabulous bold and Summery shades i was eager to give them a try.
There are four shades in the Glam Matte collection (in the UK anyway) i picked up 508 Coral Denimista a bright coral shade that stood out to me the most. I like the packaging it's pretty simple but still sleek, the applicator has the same heart shaped tip as the other L'oreal glosses which i personally really like, its quite large but i think the shape makes precise application a lot easier and with a bold shade like this its not a shade you want to make a mess with!
The formula feel really nice on the lips its got that velvety soft feel thats very light and unnoticeable, and for a product designed to be matte it feels incredibly moisterising. The Glam Matte glosses are designed to be worn in two ways dabbed onto the lips for a more sheer wash of colour, or applied straight to the lips for a bold full look. When blended onto the lips for the more sheer option the finish is pretty matte i wouldn't say 100% but its good enough and still gives a decent pop of colour to the lips without drying them out like some of the other matt lip products do, however when applied with the applicator the finish has left me slightly disappointed, its really not matte at all, the first time i used this i remember thinking how long is it going to take for this to dry, and well it didn't. I have heard the finish described as semi matte, but really what does that even mean? surely with a lip product with Matte in the name thats what you expect it to be?! I find i have to rub some off my lips to get that dry matt finish meaning you loose some of the colour, not good really. I do like the L'oreal Glam Matt glosses they have some great shades they really do feel amazing on the lips but i cant help but compare them too the Bourjois ones, which in my opinion are what you would call a matte gloss, and compared to them their just a bit so so really!

Have you tried the L'oreal Glam Matte Glosses? What did you think?


  1. Lovely color and it looks like the texture is so nice!

  2. I love the colour and the wand but hate when a product claims to be something it's not?! Very confusing xxx

    Blonde of carbs


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