Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush

20 August 2014

Hourglass Ambient lighting blush in luminous flush

I want to apolagise for being a bad blogger the last week and not posting as regularly as usual, i've just been pretty busy and felt a bit out of the swing of things blogging wise, however today i am back with a product i am super excited to share with you and that is one of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushers.
I'd had my eye on the Hourglass products for a while, they seem to me to just be a really luxury brand that does cost you a fair bob (Their primer is £50!!!)  but i always seem to hear good reviews about. I reached five-hundred bloglovin followers last month and decided to give away one of their blushers as a prize, and whilst at it i thought why not treat myself to one too.
Boy was it hard for me to decide on the shade i wanted, they all look amazing in there own different ways, believe me i did a fair bit of research before I made my choice and finally decided on Luminous Flush as i thought it looked like the colour that would suit me best.
The Ambient Lighting blushers are a combination of blush and their best selling Ambient Lighting powders which are highlighting powders to illuminate the skin with different effects. Luminous Flush is a champagne rose blush infused with their Luminous Light powder which is meant to give the skin a soft candlelit glow.
My first thoughts when i opened the sleek looking hourglass packaging was "ohhhh its so pretty" it literally is the most stunning looking blush, my pictures have unfortunately just not done it enough justice to the beautiful baked finish of the rose and champagne colours, especially when it catches the light.
I was determined to stick to the beauty bloggers rules and not put my grubby little paws in to swatch it until  I had taken pictures, and let me tell you that was torture!
When i finally got to test it out i new instantly it was the perfect colour for me, it's just the prettiest pink shade, and even being one of the paler shades in the collection its definitely not too light, i fake tan and it still the perfect shade even when I'm darker. Considering it does look quite light when you swatch it, when you actually apply it to the cheeks i was surprised just how pigmented it is, you don't need a lot for the perfect flush. The texture is smooth and not at all powdery it glides on to the skin so easily and blends out really well.
So lets get to the finish, i am just so in love with how it looks, having never tried any of the Ambient lighting powders i didn't no what to expect but it just makes the skin look amazing. I actually got a compliment when wearing it that my skin looked smooth and doll like and it really does. Its not shimmery it just looks like a soft highlighted sheen. Its great at this is a multi use product that works obviously as a blush and  highlighter and it does both things brilliantly. I have also been impressed with the lasting power makeup does tend to fade on me pretty quick but this lasts really well on me another massive bonus.
At £28 the Hourglass Blushers aren't the cheapest option, but i really think they are worth every penny, Luminous Flush has quickly become my favourite blusher i own i couldn't have designed a more perfect blusher if i tried, its made me so eager to try out some more Hourglass products, unluckily for my bank account...

Have you tried any Hourglass products? What did you think?


  1. Lovely review. I really enjoyed reading it! The shade looks lovely too!

    Emma x

  2. Oh wow this is a stunning colour, I NEED this in my life xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  3. That swatch - so pretty!! xx

  4. Wow gorgeous product, I would love a product from Hourglass but they are so expensive :/ x

  5. The shade of that blusher is absolutely stunning on the skin!



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