Alchemy Oils Grapefruit Hair Remedy

29 August 2014

Alchemy oils grapefruit hair remedy

I was really excited to be sent a bottle of Alchemy Oils Grapefruit Hair Remedy to try recently as i love using hair oils and credit them to my hair actually getting past that annoying inbetween length.
Grapefruit Hair Remedy is an all natural oil consisting of five super oils that can be used on all hair types as a hair treatment or to style and nourish the ends of the hair.
The five oils it contains are,
Grapefruit oil,
Coconut oil,
Avocado oil,
Almond oil,
and last but not least Castor oil.
All the oils have different properties and help to improve the condition of your hair, Grapefruit oil is a good source of vitamin C, its great at giving the hair a natural shine and helps fight dandruff. Coconut oil is well known as being a wonder product for the hair and skin as its rich in nutrients and helps promote hair growth. Avocado oil contains essential fatty acids to strengthen and revive dried out and damaged hair. Almond oil has a high content of vitamin E and Omega 6,3 and 9 which aids hair growth and thickens and Castor oil helps to protect your hair and promote a healthy scalp, wow that is a whole lot of Vitamins and goodness packed into one little bottle!
The oil comes in a small glass bottle with a cork lid, i wasn't too sure how i was going to like using it as in the past when using an oil without a pump i've found it gets very messy! However luckily the opening to the bottle is a sort of funnel shape which seems to help a great deal and i've actually not found it messy to use even thought its quite a runny oil, which is great as there is noting worse than pouring out way too much oil than you need.
The oil is quite thin and very fruity smelling, i actually find it a bit sweet for my liking as i tend to prefer more coconut smelling oils. I started to use the oil just through the ends of my hair as it can get quite dry just to style it, you don't really need a lot of oil to do the trick and it does a great job and smoothing down the ends of the hair and giving great shine. I also tested it out as a hair treatment over night, so before bed i applied it to my roots massaging it into my scalp, i also worked it through the rest of my hair wrapped it up in a bun and then slept in it. When i washed it out in the morning my hair felt amazingly soft and light, it was also so shiny and healthy looking and not at all greasy which surprised me as when i've tried this before with other oils my hair tends to look a bit greasy even after washing it out.
I've enjoyed using the Grapefruit Hair Remedy over the last few weeks particularly as a treatment, it really did make my hair feel so light and soft the next day and so much more shiny than usual, I'm going to keep applying it through the ends of my hair and do a weekly treatment, I'm interested to see if it does help my hair grow a thicken at all with continued use.

Alchemy Oils Grapefruit Hair Remedy* 100-ml is a available from and costs £17.99


  1. This sounds amazing and like it smells lovely, I love hair posts as my hair is frazzled at the moment so defnitely want to try this now xx

    Blonde of carbs

  2. I've been totally obsessed with beauty oils lately and this seems like a great fit to add to my regime!

    | Lizzy Fresh |

  3. Ooo I love the name, Alchemy! I love hair oils, they've really helped repair my split ends! This sounds pretty perfect to take away on holiday to repair pool and sun damage!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  4. I love the packaging and the name, it definitely sounds like it will do the job well!


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