Palm Tree Nails Tutorial

14 August 2014

I had been meaning to do another nail tutorial for a while now, its not that i didn't have anything i wanted to do, i have a big list of ideas i want to have a go at i just never seem to plan the time to do one.
I wanted to do something tropical as although the current weather may have us believing otherwise it is still Summer! All i had in mind when i started was tropical palm trees and neon colours and this is what i came up with, i think it has a Ibiza vibe to it and i do like it, is it perfect? most definitely not so lets try and ignore the slightly dodgy palm tree on my middle finger... (I'm my defense i only had one fully functioning eye at the time)
So if you want to create my wonky palm tree tutorial yourself keep on reading!

What you need-
If you want to go for a sunrise style ombre base like me, neon colours will look great and really pop i used,
BarryM 322, Orly Peach Pastel Neon and Orly Tennis Ball Neon
You will also need-
A white and black polish,
An old makeup/paintbrush,
Nail art pen in Black,
Makeup sponge,

Step One-
Apply two coats of a white polish for a base this will make the colours much brighter.
Step Two-
Take your makeup sponge and measure it against your nails cut it to a smaller size to make it easier to use (you should have a small rectangle shape). Take your first colour (pink) and paint a stripe along the top of the sponge, then take your second colour (orange) and paint that below the pink, and finally take your third colour (yellow) and paint that across the bottom. 
Step Three-
Line the sponge up against the nail and gently dab it across the nail, re-apply more polish and repeat on the rest of the nails.
Step Four-
Allow the nails to dry then go over repeating the same process with a second coat, i did three coats on mine so just keep going over until you get the coverage you want.
Step Five-
Once the nails are dry its time to do the palm tree, i only chose to do them on my thumb and middle fingers, you could do every nail if you wanted. 
Step Six-
Depending on what your most comfortable with you could use a nail art pen or a brush to draw on the palm tree, i found the pen too thin so i used a brush for the majority of it.
I poured out a bit of black polish onto some tin foil dipped in the brush, i then started painting the trunk of the tree in the corner of the base of the nail taking it up to make a slightly curved line.
Step Seven-
Dip the brush in some more polish and draw on the palm tree leaves, three each side slanting downward will look best. Draw a small diagonal black line at the base of the nail to look like sand.
Step Eight-
Using the nail art pen draw a few stray thin stray lines coming out of the leaves to make the leaves look more authentic. 
Step Nine- 
Allow the nails to dry completely then add a topcoat to seal. 

I hope that was easy enough to follow, if you want to see pictures of how to do the ombre nails i did a tutorial on it a while back that i will link (here) Let me no what you think (be kind about the funky nail) and comment below if there is anything you would like me to have a go at. 


  1. Cute nails! I need to try ombre again! I miss it!

    CAT xo
    What Cat Says | BlogLovin'

  2. Oh these look absolutely gorgeous! xxx

  3. These look amazing - perfect for summer x



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