Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder

27 July 2014

Having oily skin setting my foundation properly is really important, i've tried a fair few face powders in my time and always carry one around in my bag for touch ups but lately i've been looking into setting my makeup better to start off with to keep my foundation lasting longer before i have to touch up. Setting powders are a bit different to the normal face powders you use them after applying your makeup and are designed to makeup last longer and also are usually designed to give a nice finish to the skin. 
Vichy is a brand that is relatively new to me, i've only tried one other product and thats their Dermablend foundation, i have reviewed it in the past and if you read it you would know it got a massive thumbs up from me its a high coverage foundation that believe me does covers everything, yet still feels light and not at all cakey. Having loved the foundation so much i was excited tot try the Setting powder for myself as i've also heard such good things about it.  
The Dermablend Setting powder claims to provide 16 hour hold and resistance to resistance to perspiration bathing and rubbing, its also Paraben free and hypo-allergenic. 
The powder comes in a round powder pot with a small powder puff included inside for application, i am no too keen on this sort of application i prefer to use my own brush for application of the powder, so to apply i shake a bit up through the holes and into the lid to dip my brush in but thats just my personally preference as i find it helps me really get a more even finish with the powder. This sort of application can be a bit messy which is obviously a bit of a downside with the loose powders compared to compacts, but it doesn't really bother my if I'm doing it at home after applying my makeup. 
The powder itself is incredibly fine and light, you do get a fair bit of product for your money too, there 28g of product and considering you really don't need a lot i can see it lasting for a long time, this is great as when i reviewed the Benefit Agent Zero Shine setting powder the small amount of product was a bit of a downside for me. 
Although for a Translucent powder it does look scarily white, don't let this put you off once blended into the skin it does disappear into nothing, you wont be left with a white ghost face even if you use a fair amount of it on the skin. 
I really love how my skin looks after applying this, it covers the pores and leaves my skin looking airbrushed and flawless and really is the perfect finish to my makeup. 
Now on to the important thing does it make it last? Vichy Dermablend claims to hold you foundation for 16hrs, and unfortunately this just didn't happen for me. I really wanted this to be the miracle powder that would set my makeup all day but i just didn't make my makeup last any longer than any of my other powders, after about four hours i would say the shine starts to show and i need to touch up with my compact. Of course if you don't have oily skin then you wouldn't have this problem, and so for the lightweight lovely finish it gives the skin i would recommend it, i just really wanted it to last longer! 

Vichy Dermablend Setting powder costs £15 and is available from Boots. 
Have you tried this Setting Powder? What did you think?


  1. I've yet to try this one but you should look into Mineral Veil by bare Minerals, I have oily skin too and as finishing/setting powders go it's been my go-to for years!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. This sounds great my skin is so oily that I have to use a face powder but sometimes can change my foundation colour so much so this sounds perfect xx

  3. I've been looking at trying different powders for ages now, I have really oily skin and I'm thinking that the soap and glory one isn't doing anything for me now - I think it makes my skin feel a bit ikky

  4. I am tempted to try this... Hmmm maybe one day I'll give in! xx


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