Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream and Concealer Review

08 April 2014

I've tried a fair few BB creams now, and to be honest i've never been too impressed. I found the coverage was not enough for me, they didn't last very well on my oily skin and their colours have never been a very good match. So when the new CC (Colour correcting) creams started to come out i wasn't in any rush to try them, i just thought they were going to being the same disappointment. 
When Bourjois brought out their new CC Cream, it was featured on so many blogs with such good reviews and claims about decent coverage i thought i woild give it a try for myself and give the whole BB/CC cream phenomenon one last shot before before writing it off completely, and boy am i glad i did! 

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream-
The Bourjois CC Cream claims to contain three colour correcting pigments to combat certain skin problems, Apricot/Anti-Fatigue, Green/Anti-Redness and White/Anti-Dark Spot. It also claims to smooth and illuminate the skin whilst providing 24hour hydration. 
I picked up the shade Light Beige, which is a very good match for me. Unlike other creams i've tried its not orange at all, its actually yellow toned which is perfect for my skin tone and looks very natural on my skin. 
Along with the great colour match i am also really impressed with how brightening this is on the skin, those colour correcting pigments must really work their magic, it leaves my skin illuminated and fresh looking. 
The formula is great its light and refreshing on the skin, and i think it feels and smells more like a moisturizer yet it has the coverage of a light/medium foundation, which is exactly what i wanted. 
As for lasting on my skin, it doesn't last as long as foundation, but definitely longer than any other beauty cream i've tried. I would say after about three hours i'll need to blot and apply a bit of powder which i don't think is too bad at all. 

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream-
Bourjois also brought out a CC eye cream, which also claims to colour correct and illuminate the under eye area and also provide 24hour hydration. 
The CC Concealer comes in a twist bottom tube, it doesn't have a brush applicator like most under eye concealers but a rubber nib which i actually don't min as i prefer to use my own makeup brushes for under eye concealing anyway. 
I picked up the shade Ivory as i always go a bit lighter under my eyes to highlight the area. The colour is great, it's very apricot toned perfect for brightening under the eyes and eliminating dark circles. 
It really does a great job of brightening the under eye area i would say one of the best i've used. Its also a nice light formula, i also have no problem with under eye creasing when using this concealer. 

I am massively impressed with the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream and Concealer they do such a good job at making my skin look fresh and illuminated yet providing great coverage. I am happy to have found something that covers all my skin requirements allowing me to give my skin a break from always wearing foundation. Well done again Bourjois!

Have you tried the 123 Perfect CC Cream and Concealer? What did you think?


  1. I find it SO hard to get a CC cream that works for me definitely want to try this now xxx

  2. Like you I wasn't too desperate to try them but I actually think I will now. Great review, the eye concealer sounds like a good product x

  3. I've yet to try any CC creams, but I've heard a lot of people love this one! Maybe I'll pick it up next time I'm out ;)
    Great pics by the way!


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