Half Moon Nail Tutorial

10 April 2014

Todays nail tutorial is incredibly simple to do and i think quite effective, you don't need a steady hand its simply a case of using regular nail polish and painting it on the nails. The great thing about the half moon manicure is that its so versatile you can use whatever colour combinations you want, i've gone for a silver foil effect polish as the base (mine is from BarryM) and on top i've gone for a bright orange (BarryM Jelly Nail Paint in Mango) as the top color, i think the combination of a matt foil and a hi-shine polish just makes it a bit more interesting. 

What you need-
x2 Nail polish,
Circle Stationary stickers/ French Manicure tip stickers, 
Top Coat.

The top colour should ideally be a darker colour than the base, that way it will cover the base colour evenly without it showing through.

Step One-
Paint two coats of your base polish and allow to dry.
Step Two-
Apply the circle stickers to the base of the nail, pressing down firmly. I've made my half moon shape quite large, if you want it smaller position it further down the nail without leaving any of the base of the nail visible.
Step Three-
Paint two coats of your chosen top colour on to the nails above the sticker, allow to dry between coats.
Step Four-
One the nails are completely dry carefully peel away the stickers.
Step Five-
Apply a top coat to seal.

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