South West Bloggers Meet Exeter!

26 November 2013

Hey lovelies, on Saturday the 16th of November i attended the South West Bloggers Meet, i've already done an outfit post (here) showing you what i wore to the event and i thought i would share with you a few pictures and tell you a bit of what i got up to. 
The meet up organized by the lovely Liza Prideaux and Kerry Dyer, and was held in Exeter in John Gandys bar from half one till half five, big thanks to Nicole who drove Liza and i to the event.
When we got there we had to lug about fifty goodie bags to the venue through Exeter highstreet! 
The meet up was upstairs in John Gandys and we had our very own bar, after all that exercise i couldn't wait to have a delicious cocktail. 

Lush Stand
Raffle prizes, (Nicole not included) 

There was a great chilled and relaxed vibe i think the cocktails definitely helped to calm my nerves.
The lovely girls from Lush, Franjeska and Olivia had a stand showing some of the Lush Christmas products, i had a lovely arm massage using the Snow fairy massage bar which was lovely, and i treated myself to a little bottle of Snow fairy shower gel. 
Pearlys were also at the event giving demonstrations of some teeth whitening products, i had a go and it was quiet amusing scrubbing away at my teeth with a powder covered finger mitt and trying not to get it all around my face, after my mouth felt so fresh and clean and defiantly a little brighter. 
There was also the chance to purchase raffle tickets, with a table full of wonderful prizes to be won, and all proceeds going to the Talia Joy Costellos charity. 
I was lucky enough to win two amazing prizes a Nanshy brush set and a beautiful dress from Rule 1 Store i was a very happy girl! 

The Goodie Bag!
We really were all spoilt and there was an amazing goodie bag for everyone filled to the brim with great products, and how cute are the pink bags!
I had such a great time i met some really lovely people, and i want to say a massive thanks to Liza and Kerry for organizing such an amazing event!



  1. Aw great picks Zoe! Glad everyone loved it so much :) Was great to meet you xx

  2. You got some lovely photos! I've just started suing the stuff from the goody bag, addicted to the elemis face scrub now! x x

    1. Thank you, was nice to meet you x

  3. This looks so well put together :)


  4. Ooh lovely pictures!
    It was great meeting you there :)

    Emily x - Pretty Please Blog

    1. Thank you, was lovely to meet you too :) x


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