Make up First and Fails Tag!!

28 July 2013

This is my very first tag yay!! The lovely Allie May Redmond from tagged me in and i am very happy she did, i get to share with you some of my first experiences and failures with make up. 

Foundation and Powder-
I would say i was probably a bit of a late starter when it comes to make up, i didn't start wearing it till i was in my early teens, of course i played around with my mums and i had my own kids makeup set when i was young but i mean actually buying and wearing my own. From what i can remember i didn't start wearing full foundation right away. I had pretty bad skin as a teenager, growing up it was a nightmare i used to get a fair few spots and it was very oily i was very self conscious about my skin, i started off just putting concealer on my spots and i used to layer on the face powder to help with the oiliness. Unfortunately at that age we aren't the best at colour matching our makeup are we, so using the pale powder that i did probably wasn't the best look....

I remember the stage when girls at school started to become 'eyebrow aware' que the ridiculous eyebrow shapes... triangle brows, eyebrows that start or end half way across your eye, super thin barely there lines, girls that made the mistake of shaving them etc, i was pretty lazy with mine i still am to be honest they were either slightly too unkept and overgrown or far too thin due to trying desperately to get them both to match until i get to the point where there was not much left to match!

Eyeliner and Mascara-
One thing i did always wear from my early teens, and probably too much of was eyeliner and mascara black of course! Even tho my mum used to tell me i should wear brown/black being the fair and pale creature that i was (would say am but i discovered fake tan). But of course i knew better....

This has got to be the number one fail i expect most girls make when dicovering makeup, blue, green, purple the brighter then better in your teens... i remember one of my favorite eyeshadow looks was with one of my mums eyeshadows that i err borrowed (sorry mum)... i used to put a light pink all over the lid and a really bright pink in the crease, i loved it!!

So that was my make up firsts and fails i hope you enjoyed reading it.

I am going to tag-
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  1. I remember when I was obsessed with light pink all over the lid and bright pink in the crease too, except for some reason when I was that age my crease went all the way up to my brow bone haha! loved reading this xx

    1. Thanks got to love the pink eyeshadow lol x

  2. Great tag post :) x


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