OOTN, Galaxy Dress!

19 July 2013

I went out last night to celebrate a friends birthday, pretty strange being out on a thursday night I'm not usually one for going out on a school night but i had a really good night even if i have spent all day confused feeling like its sunday, anyway on to the outfit....

Dress- Missguided,
Shoes- New Look,
Bag- Primark,
Necklace- Miso at Republic.

I decided to wear this galaxy print midi dress, i am really loving longer hemlines lately i never used to be into longer dresses and skirts but at the minute i find thats what i am mainly drawn to. I really love the print on this dress, i expect its not to everyone's taste but i think its different i also love the colours. I think the dress was about £14 which i think is so cheap for such a nice stand out piece, its really comfortable to wear and fits well, i also like the t-shirt style sleeves i think it could easily be dressed down for daywear. I picked black shoes and a black studded clutch and spiky necklace to accessorize the look. 
What do you think of my outfit? I love reading peoples comments, and i will reply to any questions asked. 



  1. I love this dress - I'm really into midi length dresses at the moment too. It's never a style I thought I could pull off before, but I always receive lovely complements.

    Missguided have some fab stuff in at the moment, I literally stalk their website haha.

    Love & Liquor | A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blog

    1. I no I stalk them too lol so much I want from there! Loved your barbie midi dress, from your post earlyer :) x

  2. I love that dress and missguided!

    I recently did a blog post on them so I'd love it if you could check it out :)


  3. Thanks Hun, yea il will have a look now! :) x

  4. I'm also surprised at myself for being drawn to the midi hemline trend. I'm normally a mini girl. Love the dress. You look amazing
    Beth x

    1. Everyones got midi fever lol, thanks :) x

  5. Wow,this dress is amazing and looks very good on you.*__*
    I like your blog. Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

  6. I really love your dress!anything with galaxy print and I'm like ooh I need it:)hehe!

  7. Thank you. I no i love it, i fancy trying galaxy nails :) x

  8. I really love your galaxy dress - great colors and fit for you!


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