Nails Inc Bling It On Romance, Review and Tutorial

25 July 2013

This Nails Inc Bling it on kit, was one of the beauty items i featured in my last months beauty wish list, and when i got payed i treated myself to the little beauty. Im going to show you how i chose to use it followed by a short review.

What you get-
  • 2x 4ml nail polishes, colours porchester square and electric avenue,
  • 4x bow embellishments,
  • (aprox) 50x crystals - swarovski elements
  • nail glue 3g
  • 2x cuticle stick

Step one-
I used the colour Porchester square as my main base colour, i don't even no how to describe the colour browny/taupe?? i don't no, anyway i did two coats of that on all nails leaving my index fingers bare.

Step two-
I applied three coats of the silver glitter Electric avenue to my index nail.


Step three-
I applied a little bit of glitter around the base of the ring finger nail.

Step four-
There are three different sizes of crystals, i chose to apply them just to my thumb nails going up the nails from the largest to the smallest. To apply the crystals i applied a small blob of glue directly to the nail, where i was putting the crystal, to easily pick up the crystal dip one end of a cuticle stick in clear nail polish then pick up the crystal from the top using the stick and apply to the nail, hold it down firmly for a about 10 seconds.

Step five-
To complete the look i added one of the pretty bow embellishments to the nail on my middle fingers. To add the bow i put a small amount of glue on the back of the bow and then using tweezers i placed it down on the nail and held it there for about 60 seconds until it felt secure.

The finished look.......

I really love how my nails turned out i think there so pretty and they were really easy to do. I was so impressed with this fab little kit, i love the nail polish colours and the  swarovski crystals and bows are not only really pretty but are good quality. The Bling it on Romance kit is £25 which is quiet a lot but you can reuse the crystals and bows as long as you don't lose them so you can redo the look to get your moneys worth. I was impressed with how long the bows stayed on my nails for i thought i would catch them and rip them off pretty quick but five days later they were still going strong even after catching them a few times so the glue must be pretty good. I look forward to using this kit again and seeing what different looks i can create!
You can buy the Nails Inc bling it on Romance kit here
What do you think of my final look? I love to read your comments, and i will reply to any questions asked.



  1. These look amazing! Love it :)


  2. I haven’t tried this yet, but I have heard so many good things about it from bloggers and magazines. Great review, your nails rock! I might have to get it now! :)

  3. They look stunning.
    Beth x


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