Revlon Moon Candy review!

04 June 2013

Orbit and Moon Dust

Revlon nail art Moon Candy are dual ended nail enamels. One end is a colored nail enamel base and the other a 3D glitter topcoat. I bought two of the Moon Candies to try out, Moon Dust and Orbit.

Moon Candy in Moon Dust

Moon dust has a black base and a clear topcoat with iridescent glitter.
I applied the black base and was surprised at how well it covered, and found i only needed one coat.
I was really impressed with this as i have found other black enamels hard to apply evenly and have always needed a second coat. I then applied a coat of the glitter, this didn't cover as well as i had thought it would and i needed two coats to get an even layer of glitter over the entire nail. The flakes and thick and jagged and i found you have to be careful when applying not to smudge the bottom black coat.
Once applied the glitter looks a mixture of greens which i didn't expect but i do really like, the flakes all look a different colour in different light. I found this lasted about four days before starting to look messy at the tips of the nail but you could make it last longer by retouching, however i also found that layers of the glitter started to flake of pretty quickly i might put a layer go another clear topcoat on top next time to see if that stops it from happening.
Moon Candy in Orbit

Orbit has a purple base and a light purple topcoat with blue holographic looking glitter.
I was equally as impressed with the purple base as i was with the black it covered well and there was no need for a second coat. I thought that Orbit's glitter topcoat covered a lot better that the Moon Dust topcoat, i think the glitter flakes are thicker this did mean that it was quiet a jagged finnish and the flakes stick out a lot more so i gently pushed them flat to dry. I applied two coats to get an even coverage and the finished effect is a gorgeous mixture of deep blues. As with Moon Dust the layers of the glitter flaked off pretty quickly but it still looked good four days and it was just the tips again that had chipped.
Overall i really like the Revlon Moon Candy's the effect is just so interesting and different i just love the crystalized 3D look and i got a lot of compliments on my nails whilst wearing both colours.
Revlon Moon Candy are £7.99 in boots.
Has anyone else tried Revlon Moon candy? What did you think?
I would love to hear your views.


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