Nail Tutorial, Neon and Leopard Print!

22 June 2013

I love playing around with my nails and trying new things. I had a bit of time to spare today so i decided to do a leopard print design, and i thought id go for a bit of a summer vibe by using bright neon nail colours!

The Kit
For the base colours and spots i used a neon orange and pink nail art set from Topshop, and i used a black models own nail art pen to outline the spots and add detail.

Step one
I used the neon pink as the main base colour painting only the index finger nail with the neon orange colour, i applied two coats.

Step Two
To get the spots i just used the edge of the brush to dot random blobs of colour on the nail i used the pink on the orange base and orange on the pink base. They do not have to be neat and precise, different shapes and sizes will look more realistic. 

Step Three
Once the base and spots were completely dry, using the black nail art pen i outlined the spots in c shaped semi circles.

Step Four 
Again using the black nail art pen i then made random c shapes and dashes in the gaps to complete the leopard print.

The finished product!

When the outline was completely dry i applied one layer of topcoat, and all done! 
I really love this look its bold and eye catching and really is simple to do. 
I hope you like them? I would love to hear your comments, thanks for reading,



  1. Oh my gosh.. Your nails are insane!!! I wish I could do this!! You make it seem so easy. I'll definitely attempt this though. Nice tutorial! xo

  2. You are so skilled!! Amazing nails! You have a fab blog by the way:)

  3. this is gorgeous, wish i could do this! you are very talented lady! loveee it.

    Love Em x

  4. This kit is awesome! Your nails look great hunny . Great step by step too thanks fir sharing il save this :)


  5. I love doing nail art, but I haven't tried any sort of nail pens yet! I want to give 'em a try after seeing your leopard spots :)


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