Michael Todd Skincare, follow up review!

18 June 2013

Hello :)  I no i haven't kept up with blog posts lately, but i have had a busy time revising and sitting exams but anyway here is my promised skin care review.....
I did a post on my first impressions of the Michael Todd discovery skin care kit for acne/oily skin about a month back, this is just a quick follow up review with my thoughts on the products.

Charcoal Detox Cleanser
Jojoba Charcoal Scrub

Organic Lemon Toner

Moisture Lite
Kaolin Clay Mask

So i have been using the full skin care kit for a month now, i am glad i decided to go for a discovery kit as its been nice to try a completely new skin care regime using all new products.
I have been using the cleanser morning and night followed by the toner and moisturizer, and have used the face scrub about twice a week and the face mask once a week.
The main thing i have noticed since using the products is just a general improvement in the overall look of my skin, my skin looks a lot clearer and brighter! As for spots i have still had breakouts around my chin area mainly, but i have been left with a lot less discoloration and marking and i have noticed a lot less redness. The main thing that has impressed me, is since using the products i have definitely noticed a decrease in my skins oil production which is amazing as its one of my biggest skin problems and something i am always looking for in products for my face. 
My favorite products from the kit and the products i would repurchase has got to be the Moisture Lite Hydrating Lotion and the Jojoba Charcoal Facial scrub, the moisture lite really is just a lovely moisturizer, it smells amazing and its hydrating enough for my oily skin without leaving it greasy. The Charcoal scrub is really gentle and feels good on the skin leaving my skin well exfoliated without feeling like its damaging or drying out my skin by being too rough. 
Although i think i would only repurchase two products from the kit, i have enjoyed using the all the products, and it feels good knowing your using organic products on your skin. 
I have heard good things about the Michael Todd Blue Green Algae Toner and fancy trying that out as its meant to be good for blemishes.
I hope you have enjoyed reading my views on the Michael Todd products.
Has anyone else tried this Discovery kit? What did you think? Id love to hear your thoughts.
Thanks for reading,

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