Bizarre Celebrity Beauty Secrets, With Holland and Barrett

18 June 2015

Celebrities always seem to look primped and preened to perfection, clear skin, shiny hair and dazzling teeth i sure many people including myself are keen to know their secrets. 
Thats why i though i would share this fabulous Infographic from Holland and Barrett which shows that it may not in fact be down to expensive lotions and potions, but instead a variety of weird and wonderful beauty alternatives. 

celebs weird and wonderful beauty secrets. Scarlett Johansson - Cider Vinegar. Catherine Zeta-Jones - Strawberries. Victorian Beckham - Bird Poo. Louise Redknapp - Snail Gel. Sienna Miller - Tomato Ketchup. Demi Moore - Leeches. Halle Berry - Coffee. Gwyneth Paltrow - Snake Venom

I hope you enjoyed reading about a few alternative beauty methods so what do you think? Will you be reaching for the Snail Gel or the Bird Poo?


Post in collaboration with Holland and Barrett.

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