What's In My Handbag?

01 June 2015

I've seen many a blogger do this sort of post but until now i have never done one of my own, i personally find it strangely fascinating to see the contents of anothers bag, which personall possessions someone finds essential to keep close in their everyday life. I will admit my handbag has had a slight edit for the purpose of this post, i usually find various odd objects in my handbag random bits of fruit, socks and various receipts but lets be honest they just wouldn't look pretty in the pictures now would they?
So lets start at the obvious place with the handbag itself, i bought the bag with some birthday money i had back in march. Its a bucket bag from River Island and i love them as i find you can fit a surprising amount of rubbish in there. I like to go for neutral shades in my everyday handbags as they will go with everything and its a pretty similar style just a bit of gold hardware for detailing.
On to the contents, the bold lime purse also from River Island is a very recent purchase, i was looking for a slightly smaller purse to take away on holiday and this one was perfect a bright colour great for Summer it also has compartment for a few cards and money. I've usually got whatever book I'm currently reading in my handbag right now that happens to be Always the Bridesmaid by one of my favorite authors Lindsay Kelk she's such a hilarious writer and if your looking for a funny feel good book you cant put down definitely check her out. Beauty essentials are a must for any woman's handbag and i always carry around my Tangle Teaser to keep my mane in check, there's bound to be some sort of hair tie in there as well i've just started using Invisibobble to see if they help prevent hair breakage. A mirror is an essential and a powder and Kabuki brush to keep my makeup in place during the day. There is usually a good selection of lip products in my handbag right now i've been loving the Bourjois Aqua Laque liquid lipsticks so i have a couple of them in there.
When I'm walking or traveling somewhere i like to stick my headphones in and get lost in a bit of music so i always have a pair of headphones in my bag, and a pair of sunglasses these are the Erika glasses from RayBan.
On two my last few but very important essentials, keys of course i do try to keep them in my bag so i don't forget them and have to sit in my porch until someone comes home...
Last but not least is probably my number one essential my phone, i've got the iphone 6 and i love it it never leaves my side I'm always on some sort of social media, instead of doing things i should be doing! The iPhone case was kindly sent from Iconemesis, i love it I'm a big fan of Pop Art, bright colours and bold designs are really my thing so it really stood out to me. Check out some more of there amazing designs at Iconemesis.co.uk

I hope you enjoyed having a nose in my handbag, what's in your handbag?



  1. I love posts like this, I think it's my nosey nature and it's good to know it's not just me who seems to carry a lot around with them!


  2. I've got always the bridesmaid on my bookshelf. It's waiting for me to read. I love Lindsey Kelk. Have you read any of her other books? I love the trio from What a Girl Wants and can't wait for the next one this Autumn x

    Kate | A British Sparkle


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