OOTD, Thigh High Loving

16 December 2014

Skirt- Topshop
Cardigan- Primark

So as you can see i caved on the thigh high boot front! I did try my hardest not to give in and follow the pack, but there is a reason everybody has these boots, because they are so god damn awesome and well i needed some in my life. I must admit although i do love them a great deal i felt a tad self conscious wearing them out of the house for the first time. Although i think these are very wearable for over the knee boots i still had pretty woman in my head, especially with this skirt which used to be longer however due to the fact i am such a domestic goddess and may have shrunk it in the wash it barely covers my bum, but nevermind the important thing is no cars stopped for me so all good... To make up for the boots and the skirt i paired it with a very respectable polo neck which i think paired with the cardigan is what saves me from indecency and i really like how it looks.

What do you think of the thigh high boot trend? 


  1. They do look great... Still not sure whether to cave in too or not x

  2. Thanks babe, I think you should do it lol x

  3. The outfit looks great on you, I have some Weiztman's in the loft that clearly need bringing out!

    Barely There Beauty // UK Beauty & Lifestyle blog



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