It's ok to feel a little lost sometimes

18 March 2015

Losing someone you love is one of the hardest things we have to deal with in our lifetime, it can affect us all in different ways and there is no right or wrong way to deal with it or grieve. 
I lost my Granddad on the 27th of February, he meant an incredible amount to me and many others, it was a series of strokes that unfortunately took him from us and although I'm thankful i got to spend his last weeks visiting him in hospital giving me the chance to say goodbye, i've still found the weeks following his death incredibly hard. 
The last couple weeks i've felt lost and just not myself, not only is it losing your loved one that is hard to deal with but seeing other people that i love hurting has been incredibly hard too as there's just nothing you can do to help them. 
This is the first post i've written in a couple of weeks, its the first post i've been able to write. I've found i just haven't felt like blogging the words just haven't been there i didn't no what to say. Writing about an amazing new lipstick or my current favourite shampoo has felt irrelevant and petty in spite of things  and what my family has been going through. 
I was unsure about writing this post at all, I'm not usually one for personal posts but i thought it might help me to get my feelings out, i often struggle with expressing how i feel this is like my own little version of therapy a way to express myself and I'm hoping it will help me get back into blogging as its something i don't want to give up on, i miss feeling a part of the blogging community i just needed a break, time to spend with my family and properly grieve. I think taking a break is important when your feeling lost, there's no point forcing yourself if you just don't feel like it, i no myself like many other bloggers can feel guilty when your don't post for a while but at the end of the day its my blog and i no people will understand i want to blog because i want too and not because i feel i have too. For anyone else who may be dealing with similar things or just feeling a little lost, things will always get easier, remember that sometimes its ok to not be ok, people will understand and we must just keep moving forwards. Im sure I'll regain my blogging mojo soon enough, I'm hoping this post will be a form of closure for me after all the people we love never really leave us they stay with us in our hearts and our memories, we must move forward, stay strong and most importantly take care of other loved ones left behind. 


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  1. Things like this are never easy. I can completely relate and know how heartbroken you must be. Keep your head up and take it easy on yourself. Wish you all the best - Tala xx


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