The Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

17 February 2015

Anastasia beverly hills contour kit light
Anastasia beverly hills contour kit light swatches
Shade- Vanilla, Banana, Sand, Java, Fawn, Havana
Correct me if I'm wrong but i feel its safe to say that the beauty world has gone a little contour crazy. I cant say quite when it started, i became aware of it after i and many others alike became obsessed with Kim Kardashians chiseled and perfected makeup look, I'm not a massive fan of her but boy her makeup is always on point.. i mean those cheekbones are out of his world and nobody can ague with that! I turned to google and YouTube in the hopes of finding out her secrets and is where it all started for me. Contouring if done correctly can dramatically change the way your makeup looks, weather you want a subtle bit of definition or a full on face of contouring and highlighting its a great way to naturally enhance, define and sculpt areas of the face.
Before trying the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour palette, i used to simply use my Nars Laguna bronzer to contour with and although it does a fairly decent job and is a good natural looking shades for me, i really wanted to try something with a few different shades so i could try a more dramatic contoured look.
The Anastasia palette consists of six refillable powders, Vanilla a light pink toned highlight, Banana a yellow toned highlight, and sand a peach toned highlight with a very subtle shimmer to it. The contouring shades are Java a medium warn toned brown, Fawn light/medium cool toned brown and Havana a dark warm toned brown, all are matte.
The palette i have is the original palette and i would say its best suited for light/medium skin tones, there has since been a much larger variety of colours released and as the palette is refillable you could simply switch up some shades if you wanted, i love thats its also easy to replace shades you run out of without having to buy a new palette. The powders are all well pigmented, there also smooth and blend brilliantly. I've been enjoying using Vanilla to set my highlight areas, then using Banana to set just under the eyes the yellow brightens the area well. Sand is a really pretty highlight shade i just find it a bit subtle a highlight for the cheekbones for me i like something a lot more glowy, however i do like running a bit down the middle of my nose and on my cupids bow. For contouring i mainly use Fawn the cool tone is the most natural shade for me and it gives a really decent contour without being to much. If i've fake tanned a lot or just want something slightly more dramatic i add a little bit of Java on top of Fawn mainly just on the hollows of my cheeks and around my hairline and jawline, it would be too dark for my nose.
I really have been enjoying playing around with this palette, i think contouring takes a bit of practice to see what works best for you but a kit like this has everything you need in one compact little palette. This palette has really fueled my contouring fire, now i feel I'm mastering the powder contour i feel i may be ready to take on a cream contoured look and as it so has it Anastasia Beverly Hills has brought out there new collection of Cream Contour Kits today, i know what's next on my beauty wishlist....

Have you tired the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit? What did you think?



  1. This looks amazing! I've never used it but I've been really getting into highlighting so I'm sure it won't be long before I pick it up! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  2. It looks great although I could only really use the middle comtourimg shade x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  3. This this amazing and I have been wanting to try this for some time now x


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